Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Mega Fun at The Megabugs Return!

Do you know why dragonflies obelisk?  Do you know what is the Monarch butterfly famous for? Do you know the lifespan of a centipede?

I do not know the answers to the above questions but a visit to The Megabugs Return! exhibition at the Singapore Science Centre gave me all the answers.

Before we enter the exhibit there is a corner where they show some beautiful insect inspired wearable art by Raffles Girl's school, they even made Barbie doll version too!

DinoBoy initially felt overwhelmed when he saw the bugs in million times bigger then usual but after a while he got over it and joined the other kids to follow the knowledgeable guide Mr Foo to learn more about these interesting insects.

Here are some of the giant animatronic bugs.  Psst!  There are 2 exhibits that are factually-wrong, try to spot them when you are there!

There were even live hissing cockroaches (I did not take a photo of the hissing cockroaches coz they creeps me out, hissing or not)  and stick insects in the exhibits.  Guess what? We were lucky to see a mating in process.

DinoBoy was given a trail booklet to complete during the tour but he was more interested in listening to Mr Foo and running around looking at the exhibits then doing it.  It is an informative booklet with some facts about bugs, fun questions to do and even some crafts to do too.  I strongly suggest that you get your child to finish the booklet during the exhibition as they can easily find the answers right away.

The Megabugs Return! exhibition is now on till 18 August 2013, catch the bugs before they fly away!

Disclaimer : We were invited to Singapore Science Centre to experience the bugs adventure at The Megabugs Return!  All photos are taken by me and opinions are based on our visit to the great exhibition.  

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  1. Wow! That is a truly awesome experience. I love the idea of colorful insect costumes.. how creative and the exhibit itself is VERY impressive! Wish we could have been there :)