Friday, June 21, 2013

Photography through the eyes of a 7 Year Old

We visited Gardens by the Bay last weekend, I decided to let DinoBoy handle my Canon IXUS camera again after banning him from using it for 3 years. He is nearly 7 years old, I think he is old enough to handle a camera with care this time.  He took 273 photos and 3 short videos in 4 hours, some of the photos were bombed otherwise it will be a beautiful photo.  He was busy as a bee, zipping here n there without waiting for me to take photos.  I've picked out a few photos taken by DinoBoy to show off (unedited photos) to the world. 

I especially like these photos; the vibrant color, the subject that stood out and the overall feel of the photos.  They looks like they were taken by a pro don't they?  Ok, who am I kidding hahahaha~  but does not hurt anyone for me to think that way. 

DinoBoy tried to take photos of himself, and I dare say he did a good job!  He simply flip the camera around to aim at himself n press the shutter button!  These are the only 3 photos he took, not bad eh?

When I scroll through all 273 photographs, I am amazed to see the different world both me and DinoBoy saw in the Garden.  His perception and angel of a beautiful subject from his view standing at his height (I have no idea how tall he is), totally different from mine. Of course he still does not know how to handle the camera other then point & shoot in the P mode but I think he will improve as he goes along.  I shall let him have the camera to take more photos now.  


  1. Jen, up close seeing Z, he has very nice eyes and looks pretty much like his cousin, YH! :D

    1. Yupe he has pretty eyes, too bad it has to hide behind the glasses :( He looks like YH? I shall go n see the resemblances :)

  2. That last photo of the yellow flower is superbly taken by Z!

  3. Gorgeous garden and what amazing flower shots :o) I just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment on Does your child respect their things! Hope you have a great weekend!