Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Been there Done that - Show & Tell

Hooray! Hooray!

Today is the Chinese Show & Tell and then we are done with it! 

Hooray Hooray!

Even though the topic for both subjects are the same; My Favourite Toy, it still requires some writing down of points, some practicing and some fine tuning after that.  That afternoon it went smoothly and DinoBoy was able to do it easily.  However, it was a torturous after dinner, perhaps he played too hard when cousins came to visit, maybe he felt stressed up, anyway he simply cannot remember a single point!  We practiced till past 11pm, after a lot of tears, a lot of frustrations, he finally got it.  

DinoBoy's favourite toy

Yesterday morning I had this uneasy feeling when I was helping DinoBoy get dressed for school.  Now, I only know that Chinese Show & Tell is on 30 July 2013, no date was mentioned for the English Show & Tell though the letter mentioned that Show & Tell will be conducted from 29 July 2013 to 02 August 2013.  Before we stepped out of the house I told DinoBoy to put the toy into his bag "Just in case you have English Show & Tell today." 

My instinct was right!  That evening when I reached home DinoBoy told me excitedly that he did English Show & Tell!  Imagine what will happen if he did not bring the toy?  Wonder if the teacher will fail him or not.

Anyway~ after today we do not need to face this dreaded thing again till perhaps next year? 

Yesterday I instructed him that he is not allowed to bring his toys out of his bag unless its Show & Tell time, not even in student care centre.  I checked with his student care teacher and she said he did not, so as a reward we are watching this, on a weekday!


  1. DinoMama,
    LUV your blog site! Dropped in from UBC and stayed to browse. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for dropping by Kate =)