Saturday, July 6, 2013

Late for school no more, Mission Possible?

Dear Son

I'm sorry that I made you late for school for the second time this year.   I promise you that this will be the last time.


*** *** *** *** ***

That happened yesterday and I am SO guilty!  DinoBoy was late for school for the 2nd time this year.  It makes me sad when I see him writing his name on the Later Comers book.  It all started  well and on time but ended up with us running late.


We really don't have anything much to do in the morning, the usual "wake up & get ready" stuffs.  Here's a look at my usual weekday mornings' schedule;

5.15am Alarm goes off
5.30am After lazing on the bed for that long, I dragged myself out of it and wash up.
5.45am The water is boiling, morning load of laundry is in the washing machine.  
5.50am Sit down in front of laptop/reading my book with my morning coffee.
6.30am Wake DinoBoy up.
6.35am Hanging up my washing while DinoBoy washes up.
6.50am Shower while DinoBoy change into his school uniforms.
7am Wakes DinoPapa up.

Ok, here is the "mysterious" part of the morning, between 7am and 7.30am its always a blur and a mad rush even though I've prepared every thing, there just seems to be SOMETHING that happened at the last minute every morning!
  • we went through DinoBoy's Student's Handbook and packed his school bag the night before, he will "suddenly" remember that he has to let me sign a letter/spelling/forms etc.
  • realized that I have left my mobile phone/Wushu shoes/art file abg IN the house when we just stepped out of the lift.
  • "MOM! This sock is SO tight!" "Arrgghhh!! MOM! the pants is so tight!" "MOM! MOM!!"
  • can't find DinoBoy's school tie even though its ALWAYS at where its suppose to be.
  • etc etc etc
We are suppose to leave the house at 7.25am (the latest) to catch the buses (bus stop is just a stone throw away) that usually comes around 7.30am.  We have a few buses to take so we should be "safe" but on certain days; like yesterday, the buses decides to arrive at the same time.  So we missed ALL the buses and its a torturing wait for the next bus to come, of course the bus decides to be late too. 

For most days, DinoBoy would have made it to school just in time but I will be slightly late for work.  I'm ok with it (my bosses are too) but not when DinoBoy is late for school.  I have to do something, but what can I do?  I've done all that is suppose to be done; DinBoy's uniforms are already ironed over the weekends, I've packed our bags the night before, the only thing I can do is to do my laundry the night before?  I'm a little bit lost now.... Perhaps you can help me?


  1. Gosh sounds like you plan everything with military precision anyway, doing stuff the night before always helps out - hope you find your solution.

  2. I wash at night and get my kids to hang it out in the morning. I guess you could ask hubby to hang it up

    1. Teowai, then I will worry if DinoPapa hang the clothes in the correct manner or not. Or rather did he hang it according to MY style?? If he did not then I'll frown with disapproval when I see it later that day hahaha~ A little obsessed with things here :P

  3. Sounds like you doing everything right... maybe get the hubby up early to help

    1. Nicole, let me think what can DinoPapa help with.... hhmmm.... nothing comes to mind. Actually there is BUT I'd rather do it myself in case he did not do it according to my style or way. I could change my mindset and just let him do it while I focus on other stuffs but hmm... it will be very difficult for me to do that :P

  4. If his school starts at 730am, you imagine it to start at 720am. That way, you get factor in last min rush. I did that because my boy likes to pass motion last minute!

    1. DinoBoy's school starts at 8am and have to be in school by 7.40am, latest 7.50am. I've already aimed for 7.40am and still late :(

  5. Hmm how long is the bus ride to his school usually? I used to tell my students that they have to leave the house earlier, as buses aren't always predictable. There can be traffic jams, or even more passengers than usual, which may cause the timings of the buses to change. I also told them not to plan to arrive 'just in time' for the bell, as they do need time to settle down. It's not a good way to start the school day by running in, which may make him feel flustered and unsettled the entire day. I do understand that 630am is very early for a P1 student, but if I'm not wrong, most schools actually start at 730am? In my school, the students have to be seated at the assembly area by 725am. I guess you could try to get him to sleep earlier at night, then wake him up slightly earlier, so that you can leave your house earlier. Of course, I don't have a school-going kid, so I don't know how tough it is to put this into practice. Hope you don't take any offence at my long-winded comment! :)

    1. Adeline, bus ride is about 5mins as school is only 2 bus stops away, walking to school takes about 2-3mins. Ample time, or so I thought.

      And I welcome long comments and of course will not be offended =)

  6. Mornings are hard, I have 6 to get off to school plus my other half who leaves for work before them. I don't sit down at all, I'm just on the go all morning until everyone's out.
    I'd definitely get the washing done in the evening and hang it out before bed or in the morning, go to bed a little later and get up later. By breaking up your morning and having a 40 minute coffee etc you slow right down and relax. It's then harder to find the 'get up and go' to launch back into action.

    1. 6!!! Gosh! How did you managed the chaos, if there is any?

      I'll try to do the washing at night and shorter coffee break in the morning :D