Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Octoburst! 2013 - Take A Walk With Me

... at the Esplanade, to take a walk with her~

Taken from its official website; "Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay sits on prime waterfront land by Marina Bay, and offers a complete lifestyle experience - dining, shopping, and the performing arts."  Honestly how many of us spends time at the Esplanade?  I mean really spend a day there, not just going there for a 1 hour play, show, dinning and shopping then leave the place.  How many of us really go around looking at & appreciating the art pieces in and around the Esplanade?

You will not be disappointed by Sarah Lee-Wong's Take A Walk With Me where she will take you on an interactive visual arts and architectural tour around Esplanade, discover how life, history, nature and visual art are intertwined through fun games and activities.  Have you heard of storigami?  What IS a storigami? 

We were invited for a media preview and had a blast of time!  Sarah is full of life and energy, she captured the kids' attention with her thoughts triggering questions, drawing them into the stories she was telling with her simple prop and elaborated tone of voice.

Here are some of the sneak preview photos on some of the things you can expect to see and do during the event.  I am not telling anything more about it as I feel that you must experience it to enjoy it as individual person

Look what we brought back from the walk!  The Polaroid photo is not as simple as it look, we are not just taking a photo together, we are doing an activity that is related to the walk, not going to tell you what it is though.  The art pack is full of questions about the walk and activities you can do or discuss with your kid about the things you've seen and experienced during the walk.

A couple of things to consider before you decide whether you would like to join this event or not.

1. Ask yourself this question "What is Art to me?"
Do you think Art means creativity, design, functionality?  Do you think Art is a piece of painting, a sculpture, a visual display?  Or could it be a play, a musical, a show?  Could Art be history, literature, science?  How about Art being an emotion, feelings, thoughts?

What if I tell you Art is every thing stated above?

Yes, Art is very subjective, so what is Art to you?  If you have an open mind about Art then you are ready to take on this event.

2. This is a Parent and Child interactive event, even though from my photos above only the kids are in action, we mummies are actually taking part too!  Since all of us are blogging mummies, we are busy taking photos and listening to Sarah plus interacting with our kids from a far all at the same time.  Ya, we are very well trained in multi-tasking and we have successfully trained our kids to identify our voice, listen to us and have a conversation with us... a far.

Ok ok jokes aside, but please remember that this is a Parent and Child interactive event so be sporting, put on your wildest imagination and join in the activities with your kid(s)!  You will be surprised how much fun you will have in these 1.5 hour.

A few important things to note
1. Wear comfortable attire for ease of movement and walking.
2. As you will be walking both the inside and outside of the Esplanade, prepare jackets in case your child feels cold and hats if the sun outside is too strong.
3. Remember to bring along a water bottle, its a 1.5 hour event and you will definitely get thirsty after all the walking and talking.

Sarah Lee-Wong wants to share the joy of play with everyone, especially with the children and families. This incurable play addict set up a blog, The Playful Parents, in the hope of encouraging families to grow and bond through play. An educator and storyteller by training, Sarah hopes to use whatever she knows to help other parents harness the power of stories, history and art to nurture their families in a more artful, creative and joyful manner.

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Octoburst! 2013 offical page :

5 Oct 2013
Sat, 10.30am & 4.30pm

Approx 1 hr 30 mins

TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Standard - S$25 per session per pair of tickets
(1 Adult and 1 Child)

Standard - S$30 per session per 3 tickets
(1 Adult and 2 Children or 2 Adults and 1 Child)
Book your tickets here.

Disclaimer : We were invited for a media preview, all opinions about Take A Walk With Me are 100% based on our experience during the preview.


  1. Thank you for joining me on the walk! Was very fun for me to have you and Dinoboy on the trail. And I just love the last photo you snapped of me. Heehee... Hope to see you again on another walk soon!

    1. Thanks Sarah for inviting us! We look forward to your next walk =)