Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Spontaneous Kids overdose!

I love kids, especially spontaneous kids and I am lucky to have friends who have such kids!  I really love to catch them at that moment of time and they give me such good responds!  These 3 friends were sitting down enjoying their Cheezels after having their lunch, its so difficult to catch the 3 of them together for a photograph as they have been running around in different directions earlier so I grabbed my chance.  I jumped in front of them with my camera and cued them!

"Ok! Take photo, say CHEESE!!!" 
Errmm... Dumpling is obviously caught off guard and not ready yet.

Try again... "FUNNY FACES!!!"

"Change pose!"
Oppss wrong word to use, they were lost for a second how to react to that but were quick to give me a different funny face.

"Alright, show me ANGRY face!"

"Happy face now!"

"How about sad face???"
Isa is looking at DinoBoy wondering if he is REALLY crying.

"Show me your crying face~"
Isa must be thinking that Dumpling is wiping tears away~

Aren't they cute or what!

I wonder how many poses or reactions I can get from them?  I shall try it out the next time I have my chance again.

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  1. Wa biang, this is a si bei drama moment lor! I didn't even know that they could make monkey faces like that! Poor Isa ~ sandwiched between the 2 monkeys. LOL

    1. It was hilarious! Isa was like "What's wrong with these 2??? How come suddenly so sad???"

  2. Great pictures! Very expressive children. Following from Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy.

    1. Thanks for dropping by LuAnn~
      Kids are always full of expressions as they show their feelings as it is, no hiding or anything =)