Thursday, September 19, 2013

TinyTiles of Memories

It would be right for me to say that every single one of us love to take photographs either with our smartphones or with our stylish digital cameras.  And with these high-tech devices the convenience of snapping photos is truly as quick and simple as a click on the shutter button.  I have taken more photos then I could imagine probably about a decade ago with a camera and roll of films, and the number is still climbing every day!

When I got my first smart phone; my trusty Samsung S3, taking photos on the go becomes a norm for me, especially when I'm out with the family.  Every moment are precious to me and a MUST to take photo to keep them forever.  And who can resist sharing these with family and friends on the social media like facebook or instagram?  

My instagram account, not many photos coz I was controlling myself :P

I never thought of putting these memorable moments into print until TinyTiles approached me with their wonderful product.  Imagine that!  Transferring my precious memories onto a small tile and showing them to every one!  How exciting~

It took me longer then expected to send in my photographs to TinyTiles, there were really too many good ones to choose from and if I am given a choice I would made a tile out of each and every single one of them!  (Then I will have problem finding a place in the house to put them up.)

A week after I emailed my photographs to Tinytiles, I received my tiles in the mail, well protected; tissue and bubbled wrapped, talk about fast delivery~ I'm impressed. 

Love these tiles~

Here's a little bit about those cute little TinyTiles;
1. Each TinyTile is 45mm x 45mm, a perfect size for any instagram images.  Of course you can use photographs taken by camera, TinyTile will crop the photographs to fit nicely onto the tiles.  The result will be as good, just look at my tiles.
2. A strong adhesive super glue is used to stick the big strong magnet onto the back of the tiles ensuring that it doesn't fall off the tile.
3.  Your photos will be sealed onto the surface of the tile using 2 sealants.  The first special sealant is used to seal the photo on the tile, then it is finished it off with another sealant to preserve & ensure minimal image fading.

I like it that the tiles are not too expensive too;
* 3 tiles for SGD6.50
* 6 tiles for SGD12.00
* 9 tiles for SGD18.00

Plus TinyTile is offering free local shipping for all orders~ 

These tiles were so pretty that I thought it would be a waste let them stay on my fridge so I bought them to office.

Now I have 9 tiny tiles to decorate my work desk, their size is just nice for me to display them at my small work area.  Ok, I cheated on the one on my monitor, I improvised by using blue tack to stick the 2 tiles to my plastic monitor frame.

Last but not least, I always share good stuffs with my loyal readers, so here goes~

Great Deal #1 - Place your order with TinyTile before 25 October 2013, quote "dinofamily" and get 1 free tile for an order of 6  - 9 tiles and 2 for 12 and above!

Great Deal #2 - TinyTiles is kind enough to sponsor a set of 6 TinyTiles for one lucky winner!  Since TinyTiles are perfect match for instagram images, I'll thought it would be fun to do this giveaway through instagram.  Read on for more details.


1. Prize : a set of 6 TinyTiles
2. Participate in the giveaway through the Rafflecopter widget below.
3. Additionally post up your photograph in instagram that show the great fun time you had with your family with a little short description.  After that hashtag #bestfamilymoment and tag me @din0mama (its spelt with a zero instead of O) to your photograph.
4. No instagram account?  No worries!  Post up your photograph in our facebook page, quoting #bestfamilymoment.
5. One photograph per person please~
6. Leave a comment below this blog post telling us the following;
a) Your Name :
b) Your email address :
c) Your instagram account : 
7. Giveaway will end on 27 Septmber 2013 @ 2359hrs and winners will be announced in our blog and facebook page.
8. Giveaway is open to Singapore only.

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NOTE : All comments with personal information will be removed immediately after the giveaway ends.


  1. The tiles with photos look lovely! I hope I can win a set to print and put these up everywhere!


  2. Hope to win this cool tile magnets
    Name: Amie Chen

  3. These look really pretty!

  4. These tiles look lovely.Hope I have these.....

  5. Nice tiles very creative way! Would like to have it :)

  6. Hope that I can win these lovely tiles
    Agnes Lau

  7. These tiles are a great way to keep those special memories forever!

    instagram: vanillaswissroll

  8. I love these tiles. Great for decorating my boring workstation too.

    Name: Jolin

  9. I love these tiles. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    Name: Jolin

  10. They are so cool looking.

    Name: Dominique
    email. dominiquegoh(at) gmail(dot) com

  11. What a wonderful way to capture special moments!

    Lilium Day

  12. I would love to print out my good memories too!


  13. Nice and cool tiles!
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  14. Wow nice and unique tile to create memories. Hope I can win and give my kids as Children Days' gift which they will sure love it.

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  15. Great as Xmas gifts! :)

    Name: Serene Leow

    1. Don't forget to post up your photos in instagram or on my fb page with the hashtag #bestfamilymoment.

  16. carol lim

    1. Don't forget to post up your photos in instagram or on my fb page with the hashtag #bestfamilymoment.

  17. Love the tiles! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Name: Kis Quek
    Instagram: honeykis_1971