Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wordless Wednesday - Primary 1 Term 4 Holistic Assessment

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This is a letter from the school informing the parents on the year end test schedule (which is about 2 weeks away).  Yes, I almost got a heart attack when I see the letter then I decided to do the next sensible thing... I've decided NOT to put too much pressure on myself and DinoBoy.  Thank goodness he is good in English & Maths but not so for his Chinese which I have also decided NOT to push him too hard on this as I think it is too late to do anything, no use hugging the Buddha's leg now.  Since technically Primary 1 students are not required to take any exams, they will not be graded, so I shall let him go through these Holistic Assessment this year and we shall see what to do next year. 

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  1. Dinomama,

    It's never too late to catch up the chinese for Dinoboy. My advise is catch up as early as possible before he goes to P3 cause by then will be even more difficult to build a foundation in chinese for him.

    What you can do is let him do 1 hour of Chinese assesment every week if possible. Let him do by himself if he don't know then ask him to leave blank and do those he know. (You can do your own stuff before going back to him) And then you mark his assesment and explain to him his mistake. we cannot be sitting there beside them to coach them every single questions. got to let him do on his own first.

    No harm trying.

    During PSLE the Chinese will pull down all his Marks even if he pass the other subjects.