Thursday, October 31, 2013

Asia Civilisations Museum After Dark Halloween Fun

I was too busy to look around for some halloween event to go, lucky BFF#3 did and we bring the kids to Asia Civilisations Musuem on Saturday 26 October 2013 evening for their After Dark event.  The museum is giving free entry to every one from 5pm to midnight and they have packed the hours with loads of activities and fun for the family from 7pm to 11pm.

When we reached the museum slightly after 7pm, there was a crowd a the foyer watching Persadaku Artist Seni Budaya performing a Kuda Kepang dance.  The kids were mesmerized by the colorful costume, the props, the dance and the music that they did not want to move. 

While I accompanied the kids watching the dance, BFF#3 saw the long snaking queue for the tattoo and decided to join the queue first, we will join her later when the dance ends.  30 mins later, all 4 of us have Halloween spooky tattoos painted on our forearms, cool~

We did not dress these 2 little imps up in Halloween costumes cause there were no time to do that but that did not stop them from doing the zombie pose, inspired by the zombies in Plants Vs Zombies game.

The place was so packed with people, most of them came dressed up in monsters, ghosts, witches, some gruesome characters from some story or movie.  I did not have a chance to take their photo as I was busy looking at their costumes, some really dressed up complete with props and face/body painting, very impressive.  BFF#3 did managed to snapped photos of these 2 characters.  The one on left looks like the monster in Generator X but I may be wrong and then its Jack from Nightmare before Christmas on the right.  DinoBoy exclaimed to me when he first saw him "Mum!  Look!  There is a man with a BIG ping pong on his head!"  Oh boy... Sorry Jack, don't get offended ok?

The walking, climbing up and down the stairs, squeezing through the crowd makes us (mainly the adults) tired.  DinoBoy complained that he is hungry so we went out to search for food.  Truth to be told we weren't sure that we will be able to find food because the museum is located at a secluded area and no where near any mall or eatery places.  We were pleasantly surprised that the museum have allowed Polar Puffs and Cakes to set up a small table at their entrance selling their swiss roll, puffs and pies.  They even packed them in paper bags ready for "grab & go" by the hungry monsters and ghosts.

We saw that there were a few big canvas mat spread out at the side of the museums and decided to rest our tired feet there while munching our puffs.  The mat was laid out for the screening of movie later at 10pm but since its free seating and plenty of spaces, we took a spot and sat down.  We were enjoying the music, the cool breeze under the stars and munching on a big packet of pototo chips that the kids soon claimed it as theirs.

We finally saw the movie title that has been flashing on the big screen in front of us but we were apparently not paying much attention to it.  Horrors of horrors, I realized that its a very scary show; Shutter!  I told BFF#3 about it and suggested that we leave now as the kids will surely not enjoy the show.  The kids protested, getting too comfortable on the big canvas mat and refusing to bulge, I insisted and despite their protest we packed up and go.

While walking out we saw the Harley-Davidson gang, all dressed up for some spooky fun~  The kids were thrilled to see so many monsters & creepy creatures around them all at the same time.  They were practically chasing after them so that they can have their photo taken with them.  The monsters tried to scare the kids but did not succeed, these 2 little imps simple laughed harder and giggled non stop then try to scare them back or in DinoBoy's case, responded with a kick onto their shin or head butt them on the stomach. 

While I was laughing and watching the kids interact and taking photos with the Harley-Davdison gang, I felt someone tapped on my shoulder.  I turned around and saw a masked face in front of me and it was making some ghostly sound.  I screamed my head off and when I realized that it was a prank, I chased after the big burly man, hitting and kicking him (not really hard but just enough to inflict some pain).  He ran off fast laughing away for successfully pulled a prank on some one, me in this case.

When I went back to the troupe, DinoBoy wanted me to show him the masked man as I ran off too fast for his little feet.  I thought I lost that guy but lo and behold~ we saw him nearby and seems like he was telling his clown friend what he just did.  We were pointing at each other and said "There!", the 2 men started to laugh while DinoBoy charged at Masked Man and head butted him on his stomach, "that's for bullying my mum!" he said.  Masked Man definitely did not see that coming *opps*and got "whacked" by Mum & son team.  Lucky he was not seriously injured hahaha~

We finally left the place around 1030pm, tired but had utmost fun no doubt.  We were worried that the kids may have nightmare that night after seeing so many scary faces, thank god they did not.  We shall be back next year and we will make sure the kids dress up as some monsters so that they can go around scaring the people.

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Last but not least, here is something funny for every one~


PS : I must apologise to all the monsters, ghosts, scary men/women, creepy creatures for the pain caused by a certain 7 YO boy who probably have watched too much Generator-X, Ben10 and Plants Vs Zombies and got too excited when he see monsters, ghosts, scary men/women, creepy creatures in real life.

PPS : I must say, these men and women who went dressing in scary costumes are really good.  I love their costumes which I believe took them hours to dress up to look scary enough.  They went there expecting to scare the sh*t out of some people and they are ok if some of them (like me and DinoBoy) have instant reflex reaction and whack them unintentionally.  Kudos~ Hope to see you guys again next year~

PPPS (is there even such a term???) :  Most of the photos in this post belongs to BFF#3, be nice and do not steal them. 


  1. Wonderful pictures of the children having fun. I'm glad they weren't scared. You rescued them from watching the scary film just in time, too.

  2. Wow - I loved this post and the accompanying photos of a fun (and clearly VERY scary) outing. What a wonderful record of a special event. Thanks for sharing this ...

  3. This looks amazing for children! Very creative & fun! :)