Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Duct Taped Book Bag

Last week I posted an instagram photo about the "plight" of my book I am currently reading. 

I love my books so much that I will always spend an extra dollar to buy a book jacket whenever I purchase a new book but the book jacket has since stopped production few years ago.  Now I usually buy books during warehouse sale where there isn't any book wrapping services available plus I'm too lazy to wrap them myself.  So I grabbed the next best thing... the ziplock bag!  Ziplock bags are great!  They protect my books from any tear, folds, stains etc while I carry them around in my bag. 

However, recently I feel the need to justify my love for my books, they deserve a better treatment from me since they are giving me valuable knowledge that will last me a life time.

When I posted that instagram photo, I have friend like Nadia who say will look out for nice book bag for me and then I have friend who make one just for me!  So love these 2 friends~

I fell in love with the bag when BFF#2 showed it to me, thinking to myself how original the bag is with no fanciful stuffs on it.  I was silently estimating the cost when she told me in a calm voice "I made this myself.", my eyes opened wide in disbelieve and my jaw dropped to the floor.  I've known that she is a crafty person but never know that she will go till such trouble to purchase the duct tape online and made this all in an hour.  She even lined the words on the tape so that it formed a neat pattern.

I've not use the bag yet because it is so precious to me, I want to admire it more before I decided to put my books in it.  Thank you BFF#2~

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  1. This is actually a good idea... keeping books in a bag like this to protect them from bending or folding or getting dog eared while in my handbag. That is one good friend you have who went all the way to make that bag for you. I'm gonna check out how to make duct-tape bags now.

  2. So sweet of your friends! The duct tape book bag is really pretty, your friend is so creative!

  3. nice bag! I can see why you want ot cherish it :)