Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Sushi Bar Singapore

Its been a while since I write about a dining experience but I had such tasty food at The Sushi Bar that I have to recommend it to all of you.

When BFF#2 showed us a photo taken outside the restaurant with its L-O-N-G queue both of us went "such long queue!" but still decided to go ahead because 1. Long queue usually means to-die-for food are being served 2. She always know where all the good food are.  So we went, reached the restaurant at 6.15am and was 3rd in queue, then we were told that the minimum waiting time is 30mins.  Wait, there's more~ we over heard the waiter asking the person queueing behind us if "you have to be out by xxxpm, are you ok with it?"  Wow, that popular huh.

When we enter the restaurant some 20mins later, I was a little bit taken aback.  It is really a very small  place with tables & chairs packed real close to each other.  There were barely any decent walking space, you can't walk around without the other patrons getting up from their seats to move their chairs in to let you walk pass.  Cramp as it is, we settled down immediately and ordered our food, we were famished! 

We ordered 3 items to share, little as their look but we were stuffed full at the end of the meal.  How good was the food?  The constant "mmm~ mmm~!!!", "wow!" and the thumbs up at every bite is the evident.  I strongly recommend their chirashi don as its filled with many fresh thick sliced sashimi.  According to the waiter, the price of this premium chirashi depends on the fresh ingredients available that day, we paid SGD46 and definitely worth every penny of it.

The place is really cramp and service is close to none but the waiter is great in making suggestions on their best food.  When we couldn't decide which sashimi to order, our waiter suggested their chirashi as there are many different sashimi for us to enjoy.  

No reservations allowed, be prepared to wait at least 30mins for a table and look forward to some great food.

The Sushi Bar Singapore
14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #03-89
Singapore 228213
Tel: 9625 0861
Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 12pm to 9.30pm

Remarks : I am in no way affiliated to the management of The Sushi Bar Singapore or have been compensated to write about this.  All opinions are 100% based on my dining experience with them.

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