Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A not-our-usual Saturday

I think I'm going to like public holidays that falls on Saturdays as it means we can go out for some family fun time instead of going for running off DinoBoy's art classes in the morning.  So the impromptu plan to go out to "just catch a movie" lasted 3/4 of the day and burning a big hole in DinoPapa's pocket, which I'm sure he will not mind at all.

I took a photo of DinoPapa and DinoBoy in the cab that Saturday and shared it here on the same day, they sure are happy.  While DinoPapa heads off to his work, we started to wonder around in Suntec City Convention Hall.  This is the first time both of us stepped into this place after its been refurnished and I was kind of lost, unsure which direction to go.  We just followed the crowd and ended up on 4th floor where there was a Mega Flea Market going on, much to my delight!  I was feeling excited even before I stepped in, I love flea markets where I can find many great deals.

The flea market starts at 11am and we were one of the few that strolled in that early.  Now, while I have much wanted to take my time to look at the stuffs some of the stall holders are displaying, DinoBoy wanted nothing of it.  He walked real fast and kept repeating "Mama, I want books!"  I took a quick glance and I did not see no books in sight. 

And then I was saved... by the fresh bake smell!  We followed our nose and came upon a stall selling cupcakes and croissants, I bought 2 delicious cupcakes @ $5.  I had a brief chat with them and I was told they were friends who decided to come together to get a stall to sell stuffs @ $5 each for charity.  I could find out more as DinoBoy was already wandering off with out me.  We managed to drop by the stall again later that day, I bought a beautiful pendant which I like the minute I saw it and at $5 its really a steal. MUST GRAB!

With DinoBoy happily digging into his cupcake, we were able to walk around the hall slowly, looking at the clothes, accessories, baby items, bags, nail polish, nail art, toys etc.  We did find a stall selling books and I bought (or rather DinoPapa since he gave me some money to spend hehehe~) 3 Geronimo Stilton books @ $22 from Fetch A Book.  We were looking for Cavemice #1 but couldn't find it, they suggested that we come back later when they finished setting up their stall and displayed all the books on the table.  We did go back but they do not have the book we want AND I bought another 3 Geronimo Stilton books for DinoBoy, I'm spoiling him I know.

We chance upon a stall by MBUiLDERS.co selling building blocks, I've never know that there are other building blocks besides LEGO.  They intro to me that Oxford building blocks closely resemblance the famous brand LEGO but upon close inspection you will notice the difference (I'm not telling where, see if the LEGO fans can spot it).  After holding the displayed pieces in my hand scrutinizing it, I can see that the quality & color of the Oxford blocks are as good as LEGO.  I decided to reward DinoBoy for scoring good marks in his Chinese test and bought a box of military set @ $26+ which he does not have yet.  They have many sets that LEGO does not have, I like the Korean Three Kingdoms series and maybe I will buy that when there is a reason for me to do so such as when DinoBoy deserves a reward again.


We caught the movie Free Birds and had a great 1 hour plus laughing in the theater.  Personally I think the storyline is so-so, nothing fantastic that can make me go WOW!  I should have guessed that the movie was not a great one when was trying to book a ticket online.  This movie was released on 30 Oct'13 and its being screened in a small theater.  Anyway, I think the boy will not mind if its worth watching or not, as long as its movie time he will be excited.  If you want to read the Free Birds review, I think rogerebert.com wrote a good review about it

Source : Golden Village

We went off to search for some food, it was so crowded that afternoon that we have trouble finding an empty space in the food court.  We settled for a cafe that I did not managed to see the name and had some sandwich.  DinoBoy noticed that there was a crowd out in the open where the water are and asked about it.  So I told him that its the Fountain of Wealth and the people are there touching the water for good luck and perhaps bringing some wealth back to their home.  Of course he wanted to have a go at the fountain, not for getting the wealth luck I'm sure but more for playing with the water that is jetting into the air with force.  Look at him beaming with huge smiles while going round the fountain.  And suddenly Calloway's I Wanna Be Rich was playing in my head.

We ended the day with groceries shopping at Cold Storage and headed home, both of us feeling tired.

We had a not-our-usual Saturday, nothing was really planned before hand except for the movie part.  We just went with the flow and walk where we feel like.  I bet today is Dinoboy's happiest day in his life currently.  Besides spending almost a day out he also have 6 new books and a box of toy to add to his collection.   So how do you usually spend your Saturdays?

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  1. What a fun day! Enjoy those beautiful children,, they grow up too fast!