Monday, February 24, 2014

Off to see our Peranakan painting @ Village Hotel Katong

Remember last year I wrote about a Peranakan painting DinoBoy did in HeART Studo for a project with Far East Organization?  The painting was handed over to Far East Organization and I thought that was the last we'll see or hear about the painting.  I was very happy when HeART Studio told me that Far East Organisation have arranged a tour in Village Hotel Katong for the kids to see their painting in the hotel rooms.

On that Saturday, we arrived on the dot and was ushered into a big function room with 8 tables, a small stage and 3 projectors showing the kids' painting in collage, I was surprised as I was not expecting such a grand reception.

I am not sure how many families attended the tour that day but I am sure the hotel has done a good job to ensure there were more then enough seatings for every one. 

Even though it's only a 2 hour tour, the hotel provided food & beverages for us; coffee for the parents, mineral water and packet drinks for the kids plus burger and fries for every one!  On top of that, a friendly and patient staff making burgers according to our requirements of more lettuce, no tomatoes, cheese or without etc.

We do not need any stationery since it is not a seminar or talk but I am surprise to see pens & writing pads on each table.  I am sure some of the parents were grateful for the stationery because while the kids were busy doodling and drawing on the writing pad they had a few peaceful moments to enjoy their coffee and burger.

Here is Mr Brett Walker, the Area General Manager of the hotel giving a welcome speech and a little introduction about Village Hotel, Katong.  With the official opening on November 2013 the hotel is consider new and located in the heart of Katong/Joo Chiat district it is within the vicinity where you will be spoilt for choices in the local food which will sure to tickle your taste buds.

Before we break into smaller groups to see the paintings in the rooms, we decided to take a group photos. While every one were getting ready DinoBoy (who was standing behind me) suddenly shouted "Mum!  Mum! You have WHITE HAIR!!!!"  And everyone laughed out loud... OMG!!! I really wished the floor would just swallow me up at that embarrassing moment.  Well, at least he did not say "Mum you hair STINK!!" or something worse along that line...

PS : Do you find the shoes painting in the group photo very familiar?  That's DinoBoy's painting~  See how DiinoBoy paint the shoes here.

We were told that we may not be able to see all the paintings as some of the rooms may be occupied.  I was expecting only to see a handful but was glad that we were able to visit a number of rooms with the beautiful Peranakan paintings in it.  (Digress - Imagine the amount of income the hotel will not be earning for a night for those rooms!)  The kids really did a remarkable job  each painting is different & unique on its own.  It's such a joy to see the kids jumping with thrill and excitement when they spotted their painting in the room. 

The kids were not the only one who's painting were spotted around the hotel, I saw Teacher Elma's 2 beautiful painting too!  This was taken on the 5th floor's lift lobby but I have forgotten which floor the other painting was, if you know where is the location please let me know.

We did not get to see DinoBoy's painting as that room was occupied, it was a little bit disappointed for us but that's ok, we are already proud that DinoBoy was given a chance to be part of this special project and have his painting displayed in the hotel room to be admired by the guests staying in the room.

Last but not least, DinoBoy has an important message to tell every one.

So if you happen to stay in Room 525 in Village Hotel Katong during your visit to Singapore or your staycation, please drop us a message either in facebook or leave a comment in this post.

Disclaimer : I am in no way affiliated to the management of HeART Studio or Far East Organization, neither were we compensated for this post.  DinoBoy is currently attending art lessons in HeART Studio.  All opinions & photographs are 100% mine.

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  1. Such a great gesture of FE.

    And nice hotel indeed;).