Friday, March 21, 2014

I am not thrill about my son's special gift

DinoBoy first met my dad when he was slightly over 1 year old, nothing unusual except that my dad passed away a year before he was born.  Some of you may say its normal for toddlers to see dead family members and it should go away as the baby grows older, we thought so too but he was over 3 years old he still sees my dad AND other stranger spirits around.

Actually I should not be surprised since DinoPapa have the same ability but it is hard to accept when it is happening to my son.  It also does not help that the house we stayed in a few years ago was full of them spirits.  Like most people, I do not believe in spirits but I have seen with my own eyes these spirits "playing" with DinoBoy to waver that belief.

Incident #1- Both of us were at home, DinoBoy was slightly over 1 year old and in his walker zooming around the house.  He zoomed into the kitchen, shortly after I heard him making some fuss so I turned to look at him from the living room.  His face was full of exasperation while he tried to move forward but could not, there were nothing in front of him, the walker's wheels were not caught onto anything.  I got mad and shouted loudly "Ok enough!  Don't play any more!" and almost immediately DinoBoy was able to move forward.

Incident #2 - He was slightly older, it was bed time and we left him in the room to fall asleep by himself.  About an hour later we went in to peep at him and he was lying down but still wide awake, smiling and moving his arms in front of him.  I scolded him immediately to stop playing and go to sleep NOW!  The next second he waved and said "Bye-bye Jiejie (big sister)."

There were other incidents too like the time he stepped out of the lift at our house, waved and said "Hi uncle!" where there were apparently no one there.

Or the time he was watching a paranormal TV series with me and said in an as-a-matter-of-fact tone "There is a little girl standing there.", this was confirmed by DinoPapa who was watching with us.  So don't think all paranormal TV shows are staged.

We stayed in that house for 5 years and I was not really happy to stay there.  I mean, the house was spacious, we furnished it comfortably and homely but these thing just made me jumpy and look over my shoulders very often, I even started to see dark shadows moving across the room from the corner of my eyes.  Believe me, it was creepy.

We have since moved away from that house and last year DinoBoy shared with me that on weekend afternoons (since we are always not at home during weekdays) he always see this plump "auntie" with short curly hair coming in from our service balcony (we stayed on the 11th storey), "walk" across the kitchen and into the wall to our next door neighbour's house.

According toe DinoPapa these spirits are always talking gibberish non stop, perhaps trying to convey some messages or seeking help from some one.  These constant noise near his ear irritates DinoBoy and some times he couldn't differentiate if the constant chattering sound comes from "them" or his classmates and he will yelled out "shut up!" suddenly (according to his teacher) which startled every one especially when they were busy doing their work quietly.  It is affecting his daily life in school, others did not understand what is happening to him and he is ready to share it openly with his friends.  I believe that being sensitive to such noise and presence has contributed to his unpredictable emotion swings.

The Chinese Hungry Ghost Festival that falls on the lunar 7th month is a torturous month for both DinoPapa and DinoBoy.  This is the month where the Gate of Hell is open to allow the spirits to come up to earth to visit their living family.  That means there will be a lot more these spirits then usual creating so much din (imagine staying in a room full of people and all of them talking at the same time in loud voice) that both of them were unable to have a good night's rest.  I look at my boys and sigh sadly because every day they wake up listless and with dark eye rings.

This gift may seems fascinating or amazing but it's far from that.  As parents, we are supposed to hold our children close to our heart, protect them from all harm, reassure them that everything is going to be OKAY.  How do you do these when your child tells you that he sees orbs in the room, dark shadows around him, or hear noises or smells pungent smell that you don't experience?  How do you reassure him confidently that these spirits will not harm him and he will be safe if he ignore them when in reality 99% of the time you are unsure?  What can you do to protect him from things that you can't see, feel and touch?  Well, you can't.

I feel helpless, I don't know what to do except to hope that every day will be an uneventful day for him.  I have no idea how to teach him to handle such gift, I know it is not healthy to leave him to fight it himself but until I find ways to help him all I can do is to hug him tighter and tell him that it will be better tomorrow.


  1. Maybe it's not a matter of reassuring him. What's interesting here that you have come to accept his ability because your husband is your son's experiences.

    Maybe, it's a matter of asking him share with you his knowledge, feelings and he's dealing with ability, because besides learning from him for a change, that kind of sharing can bring you even closer (I am assuming because shares the same ability with his dad, that they are already close).

    1. Blogfather, yupe DinoPapa shares and teaches him how to face/deal with these spirits but being a child there are still times that he is still scared by what he sees or heard.

  2. That is incredible! I can imagine it is both heartwarming and alarming at the same time.

    1. Jenny, not really heartwarming, more alarming I would say.

  3. This was quite unnerving to read. Got shivers down my spine as I read this. It's a real life sixth sense. What a burden to carry.