Monday, April 21, 2014

An hour with Singapore Botanic Gardens

Last month during the March school term holiday, DinoBoy attended the Slug & Bugs workshop at Singapore Botanic Gardens.  Since parents were not allowed in the classroom, I have 4 hours to spend while waiting for him, so I went there prepared... well almost well prepared.  I forgot my towel, fan (eh... so auntie ya) and most importantly a bottle of water with me.  Even though it was sweltering hot morning, my discovering walk lasted slightly over an hour before I was being chased back to the building by looming dark clouds.

In this post I have picked a few photos that I took to share them with you.  These photos may not be perfect but they give you a glimpse of some of the things I saw that day in just an hour.

My walk started from this point.  I am not sure whether it is the overwhelmed excitement of stepping into Singapore Botanic Gardens for the first time after decades or there is really some mystical garden faeries that are doing their magic but the moment I enter this area I felt exceptionally calm and at peace.  I stood at this spot, closed my eyes and took a long deep breath, listening to the rustling sound of the trees and sweet smelling of the flowers in the air.  It was refreshing and perks me up immediately, I set off with a smile on my face and camera in my hand ready to see what I can discover beyond this point.

At 11.30am on a Tuesday morning, I was surprised that there were quite a crowd in the gardens.  No doubt it was a school holiday but at such a sunny and hot Tuesday I would expect most to avoid the outdoor.  Even though there were groups of people walking around, there were no loud noise, the parents shushed their kids when they suddenly screamed too loud.  I guess the tranquility of the environment gets into us and we wouldn't want to break the silence.  I even spotted a group of 4 ang mo in their yogo attire and doing yoga on the grass.

Walking along the path I saw a carpet of pretty pink flowers, it was such a pretty sight!  Upon reading the introduction I got to know that these are the flowers from the Snake Tree or Stereospermum fimbriatum.  I took a photo of the tree but did not really like it thus not showing it.  These pink flowers makes me think of the blooming sakura in Japan which I saw on the tv a few days ago.

Strolling on I came upon the Swan Lake, the view of the huge lake took my breath away!  I was so mesmerized with the scene of clear blue sky, green lush trees and gentle ripples in the water, I was expecting the sculpture flock of noisy swans to fly towards me at any time.

And here are the 2 resident white swans enjoying a swim in the lake.

Even the terrapins are happily swimming in the water.  Look!  These 2 looks like they are in love with the leaves forming an almost heart shaped around them.

I always wanted to stand under a tree and be in its embrace, to look up from underneath it, feeling it's mightiness and it's gentleness, feeling it's life and listening to it's whispers.  How I wish I have the courage and skill to climb up a tree, to be among the branches and leaves, with the breeze in my hair and the sun rays on my face.  Ah~~ I'll do it in my dreams...

I was in luck that day because Monkey Pot (Lecythis ollaria) tree has bloomed and flowers have fallen, making it look like snow on the ground.  I approached the tree with caution, hesitant to step on the beautiful white flowers, inching my way towards it.  As I walked closer to the tree I smell a non overpowering scent of sweetness in the air. Time seems to come to a stand still when I was underneath canopy of the tree.  The chatting from the group of people not far from me was suddenly muffled, all I could hear is the rustling of the leaves, I shuddered as the wind rushed pass me, a sense of tranquility filled & settled unto me.  My first up close and personal encounter with a tree, it was a special moment for me which no words can describe.

I have a "must-find" item that day and it was this sculpture; Joy - by Ruth Bloch.  I first saw it's photo on Singapore Botanic Gardens facebook page and I knew I just have to meet Joy.  Looking at Joy, it brought back memories of earlier days when DinoBoy just arrived into our life.  Words cannot express the pure bliss and happiness but I see and feel it in Joy.  I stood there in front of the sculpture and tears just well up in my eyes. 

It was indeed a great walk in that day in the Gardens.  I will go back again soon, with the boy because I know he will enjoy running on the green grass and observing every thing around him.  I already have in mind to visit the Ginger Garden and to try to find the many sculptures in the Gardens.

If you have time or planning a family outing/gathering, why not take a trip to our Singapore Botanic Gardens?  They have guide tours on Saturdays that you and your family can join.  Or get an online trail guides from their website and do the discovering on your own.  Alternatively, you can register for some workshops for yourself or your child to learn more about nature.  Which ever way you choose I guarantee you that it will be an eye opening one.

I snapped a photo of this beautiful sculpture of a komodo lizard, it was curved out from a piece of wood stump.  Do you know which part of Singapore Botanic Garderns is it being displayed?

* Disclaimer : The unedited photos uploaded in this post belongs solely to me. Please do not take it for your own use without seeking my consent.


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