Friday, April 18, 2014

Foodie Fridays - Home Cooked Meals #2

Its Good Friday and a public holiday, Auntie Cat & me planned to bring the kids for prawning since both of them have not done it before.  We reached Hai Bin Prawning at Punggol at 11.30am and left the place 3 hours later with 19 live prawns!  Look how happy the kids are with their catch~

As we were unable to BBQ the prawns on the spot we decided to bring them home to cook them. We agreed on the dinner time, parted ways with Auntie Cat & family, and while DinoPapa heads off to Sheng Siong to buy the ingredients for tonight's dinner, DinoBoy & I headed home first with the live prawns that was still jumping in the plastic bag.  Take a look at our catch~  They are not tiny prawns but most of them are fairly big ones.

Since the prawns are so fresh, DinoPapa decided to steam them with shaoxing wine and Angelica Sinensis or dang gui which I think is the best way to cook them.  The prawns are indeed succulent!  When I bite into it I tasted it's sweetness with that slight hint of a crunch feeling. YUM~

DinoPapa prepared a sumptuous dinner for our guests, besides the steamed prawns in tonight's menu there are also stir-fried dou miao with fried shallots, steamed sea bass with salted veggie and salted bean paste, herbal chicken soup and roast pork.  I decided to make the air grilled chicken mid wings again since DinoBoy loves it so much.

Do you think there is too much food for 5 adults and 2 kids?  Nope!  We totally wiped out the dishes, even the rice!

Here's photos of our dinner, simple dishes that does not take a long time to prepare.

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