Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fiddler in the family

Proud Mama Post

DinoBoy started to learn violin on 12 April 2014 and I am very proud of him today because just slightly more than 2 months into it I think he is progressing well. This is the 3rd time he is playing this simple piece and is a great improvement from last lesson where he was playing on 2 strings on some notes.

I know we have to do a lot of practice for violin but so far we have only practiced the basic "doggie doggie jump jump" tune and the the finger exercise twice before I have to give it up because we always end up arguing, from the way he holds the bow to the pressure used while pulling the bow.  The boy always insist that he played it correctly and got upset when I correct his mistake.  A simple 15 mins of practice never fails to turn into 30mins and with both of us huffing in anger & frustration at each other. 

If you are wondering why this video was taken in a sneakingly way, that's because I have banned myself from joining in the lesson as I've realized that my presence makes DinoBoy nervous, causing him to become very tensed up and unable to perform well in class.  Plus, being a somewhat perfectionist I tends to correct him even if the teacher did not say anything.  If he sees me or knows that I am taking a video I can guarantee you that it will be a different video.  So yeah, I kicked myself out for the sake of every one's sanity hahaha~

In the future, I hope he can play the violin as well as his uncle and cousin, then we will have a mini fiddler performance in the house~


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