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The Lost (and Found) Balloon - Book Review & Giveaway

In celebration of my birth month, I am lining up a few giveaways to my readers, since the DinoFamily love books, it is a MUST that we have a children's book giveaway!  I went through our mini library and decided on The Lost (and Found) Balloon book by Celeste Jenkins.  I won this autographed book in a giveaway last year and it's seems right to bless another child through a giveaway too.

Title : The Lost (and Found) Balloon
Author : Celeste Jenkins
Illustrator : Maria Bogade
Recommended age : 4 to 8
Number of pages: 32
Publisher : Aladdin
Publication date : 01 July 2013
Summary : Where do balloons go when you let them loose? Find out in this whimsical, imaginative tale, winner of the General Mills Spoonful of Stories contest. Molly O'Doon ties a note to her red balloon, lets it loose, and off it goes on a buoyant adventure. Who will answer Molly's letter? Someone in a different state or a faraway country? Or maybe, a new friend much closer than she could ever imagine. "The Lost (and Found) Balloon" is the winner of the 5th annual Cheerios(R) New Author Contest. Selected from more than 8,000 entries by a team of editors, teachers, librarians, and General Mills staff, "The Lost (and Found) Balloon "will also appear in a bilingual (English/Spanish) mini-paperback edition in 1.5 million specially marked boxes of Cheerios.


My Review

I have always like books with rhyming words and this book tells a story using rhyming couplets which I absolutely love it!  Incidentally since I was a little girl I have always wondered what really happened to balloons that broke free from the kids' hands and floated away into the sky?  I used to think that they will be floating up there forever and ever, or landing in another place where some other kids will pick them up and bring it home.  

The Lost (and Found) Balloon tells a story of a little girl who decided to let go a big red balloon into the sky with a little note attached to it.  Where will the balloon go?  Who will find it?  A beautiful story that started off innocently and ended up with 2 kids being acquainted in an unconventional way.  I wonder why I never thought of attaching a note to my balloon and setting free to find a new friend?

Being a visual creature I always take extra time to study the illustrations of any children books that I have a chance to read and review.  I think Maria Bogade has cleverly if not creatively brings out the main & important character in each page.  Look at the following sample pages and see if you agree with me.  The clean and simple illustrations definitely earns a thumbs up for me. 

Giveaway Details

Prize : An autographed The Lost (and Found) Balloon book
Contest Ends : 28 August 2014
Open : International
How to Enter : Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below
Terms & Condition :
- Winner will be picked randomly by Rafflecopter widget.
- Winner will be contacted via email within 48 hours of the giveaway ends.
- The winner will have 72 hours to respond to email, failure to do so will mean that a new winner will be picked.
- Prize will be mailed out by normal mail for local winner and registered mail for overseas winner.

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