Thursday, September 11, 2014

I'm a Jeans lover

I've seen my friends posted their OOTD photos in their facebook and have always wanted to do so too but never really have the courage to do it since clothing & fashions are not my forte.  One day (which is last week) I decided to bite the bullet and do it, I've been thinking of changing my blog's direction since earlier this year so why not try my hands on fashion?

So I thought about my wardrobe and almost immediately I knew what I am comfortable to start off with; jeans!  Yupe!  I wasn't really a jeans girl during my younger daze days until I entered motherhood (funny how motherhood changed a woman in so many ways).  With a baby along, it just make sense to wear lesser of the skirt for convenience sake, also jeans makes running after a toddler easier.  So it's no wonder that I have 5 jeans now and luckily my company does not mind me wearing them to work too.

There are many types of trendy jeans for women such as boot cut, skinny, loose fit, slim fit, straight cut, flare leg etc.  Jeans are so versatile that you can pair it off with tops of different style to create a different kind of look like what I did with my skinny jeans.  These 3 styles are great for office and weekend gathering with family or friends - with the kid(s) in tow too.

Sometimes I will add some accessories to my outfit to jazz up the outfit such as this chunky pendant on the right or a beautiful long necklace.  At times I will leave the necklaces and put on some funky or stylish chunky ring.

What do you think of my first so call fashion post? I know for a certain that I have many more things to learn from seasoned fashion bloggers, I'm open to suggestions, just leave them in this post's comment section. To make up for the noob post I have a 15% discount code at Zalora, just enter the discount code "ZAJENNIFER15" upon check out.


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