Monday, November 10, 2014

Speech Bubble Creation, DinoMama's Style

Last week I finished my 2nd prototype Amineko and instead of just posting up photos of it to introduce them in Shop of Curios; my online shop, I decided to make it into a comic strip.  And it was well received, the comic strip that is, not the product *opps*.

Thinking back, my FIRST funny photo was the one taken at Asia Civilisations Museum during their Halloween event; as show in the photo below.  Then I stopped doing them because I went into a hiatus for personal reason.  Earlier this year I did it again and I received positive feedback about them.

My recent creation is for the Transformers giveaway post that went live last week, a friend message me the minute she saw this and said she almost died laughing seeing this photo.  Just last month I mentioned in our facebook page that perhaps I could hold a funny photo dialog contest, it was a casual remark which I didn't have time to think about it.  Who knows that the chance came last week with the Transformers giveaway via instagram! 

I have requests to keep on doing such funny photos or comic strips, I will most likely continue to do that.  Of course I will not do it on my family members and friends unless I get consent from them.  So stay tuned for more funny stuffs from me~


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