Monday, December 15, 2014

A new Impact Ergonomic Backpack for the new school year

DinoBoy will be going to P3 next year, a big step in Primary school as it is no longer the nursery stage, everything from then on will be serious stuffs.  With some additional subjects to learn he will have more things to put in his bag.  After hearing advice from friends and thinking through, we thought it is better to get a bigger bag for him.

We love his current IMPACT bag IPEG-086 even though it cost us a little bit more than the other bags in the market.  It is a little bit pricey but it has accompanied DinoBoy for 2 long years and I think it is worth it.  The size and weight is just nice for the small build DinoBoy, you can read about our school bag post over here.  I feel a little bit sayang or pity to throw it away because it is still in a good condition albeit it being dirty with minimum tear & wear.  Look at the series of photo and you will know what I mean.

DinoBoy is no gentleman when it comes to handling some of his stuffs, school bag included, this bright orange bag definitely had its fair share of "abuse" from the boy, from being dragged on the floor when he does not feel like carrying it on the shoulder, or when he is sitting on the floor he put all his body weight onto the bag, using it as some sort of back rest.  Also, considering the number of times the bag is being zipped open and close during the day the zip is working as good as before, the slider still slides smoothly across the teeth.  There were no fray thread/sewing, torn fabric etc, even the inside of the bag is still good too (I forgot to take photos of the inside though).  The netted padding at the back is still as puffy as 2 years ago, the padding on the shoulder strap has not change shape and still provides comfortable padding to the shoulder.

Then we found out about the loyalty rewards Ergoworks have for their customer; we can trade in our used IMPACT backpack to enjoy a 20% discount on the new bag we purchase.  What a wonderful gesture from the company!

We were at Ergoworks Marina Square show room, when we stepped in we were greeted warmly by the friendly staffs.  After knowing that we are there to get a new bag Anthony immediately went on to ask about DinoBoy's height (to which I was clueless and DinoBoy replied "about 122cm.", a bit of Mummy Failure moment there) and his favourite/preferred color, he then brought out 3 bags, adjust the shoulder straps according to his height and let him to try them.

How to adjust the shoulder straps of Impact backpacks
DinoBoy tried on their latest backpack model IPEG-211 and their earlier model IPEG-082 and IPEG-083.  Anthony also showed DinoBoy how to adjust the shoulder straps with ease;

- to tighten just put thumb through the plastic hole tab at the end of it and gently pull it downwards  
- to loosen just put the finger on the strap buckle and gently pull it upwards

A while later DinoBoy decided he like IPEG-211 better even though it look slightly bigger than the other 2 backpack.  He said he does not like the "bump" at the top, makes him feels uncomfortable, his older bag does not have the 2 padding in the middle too so he probably is not used to it.  

How to put down the backpack safely
A good tip Anthony shared with us is that every time when DinoBoy has to put down his heavy backpack, it is better that he puts the bag onto the table then proceed to remove the shoulder straps from his shoulders one at a time.  This is a safer than simply pulling down one of the shoulder straps while putting the whole weight of the bag onto the other shoulder and struggle to carry the heavy bag and removing the other shoulder strap.  Some kids like to remove the 2 shoulder straps at the same time; like taking of a shirt, this is dangerous as they may injure the ligaments at the shoulder.

We like the new school bag very much and you will like it too if you are looking for a good ergo school bag to invest, Impact backpacks are definitely made to last for years!  This new bag IPEG-211 can be adjusted according to height, this means that we can adjust the shoulder straps to fit DinoBoy should he suddenly "shoot up" to in height  (we know how boys will suddenly grow taller than we expected in a year.).  And if DinoPapa wants to use the bag, he can adjust the strap to the "170" hole to suit his height.

It is really easy to adjust the shoulder straps, here's how;

1. Release the strap on the shoulder strap.
2. The netted padding shoulder strap is velcro onto the bag, release it and make a 90deg twist.
3. Remove the strap from the hole, still at the 90deg put into the hole of the appropriate height for the user, twist to lock it in.
4. Tighten the strap above the strap and you are all ready to use the bag!

Half an hour later, we walked out of Ergoworks with the new bright blue bag.  It's not only sturdy, spacious and durable, it is also ergonomic designed to provide spinal protection.

We are all ready to take on the challenges and heavy books in Primary 3! C'mon, thicker and heavier books, we are not afraid of you because we have Impact Backpacks to tackle your weight!

If you have not decide on a good school bag for your kid, we suggest you to visit Ergoworks to try out their backpacks, you will be amazed how good the backpacks are.  And if your child current owns a Impact backpack, why not trade them in and get 20% discount off the new bag?  We think that is a great savings for us.

Disclaimer : We are in no way affiliated to the staffs and management of Ergoworks Singapore. This post is part of DinoFamily's "Starting Primary One" series where we share our primary school journey with our readers.  We like to say Thanks to Anthony of Ergoworks Marina Square show room for being so patient with us while DinoBoy took some time to decide on the bag and color (all the colors are so nice!)

~ ~ ~

I am sharing DinoBoy's Primary One experiences in this series. I hope it will serve as a useful guide to parents when its their time to get their child ready for the new journey.


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