Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bento Days #3 - Chewy Chewy Fried Udon with Teriyaki Chicken

So I did my first fried noodles for the last bento, so I was thinking "Frying udon should be sup-sup-water (or easy peasy)."  Next morning I woke up at 5am (15mins earlier than my usual time) and started to prepare every thing.

I gathered the ingredients from my fridge. I only did the marination that morning, about 20mins, but the chicken is full of teriyaki flavour.  This time I used 2 eggs instead of one because the last time I realized it was too little for 3 of us.

Today I am going to share a very handy gadget that I love. See the plate of nicely shredded carrots?  I did not spent minutes cutting the carrots into thin slice, instead I used the super duper cool vegetable slicer.  Took me about a minute to shred half a carrot and yields about half a bowl of shredded carrot.

I can't remember where did I buy mine but I think you can find them in those bigger supermarkts like NTUC Finest or Giant. It does not cost a lot, probably about $2+ if my goldfish memory serves me right, it could not be too expensive otherwise I would not have bought them. You can find something slimilar in Daiso too.

The Cooking Instructions
So anyway, I started off with boiling the udon for about hmm... not sure how long, 10mins?  I turned off the fire when I see that the udon are semi opaque.  While I poured away the water and draining the udon I added some oil into the wok, after that's heat up I added the 2 eggs (beaten) into it to make a nice omelette, dish out and set aside to cool off before I cut them into stripes.  Next I threw in the marinated chicken and shredded carrots to stir fry till almost cooked.  I did not add in any more oil because its already quite oily from frying the eggs.  After that I added in the drained udon, added a little bit more teriyaki sauce for flavouring, stir fry and mix every thing up.  Lastly the eggs are added and toss to mix with the udon.

A half filled lunch box for DinoBoy to enjoy during his recess time.  However he came home and said he couldn't finish it during recess as it was too much so he left some to eat it during lunch break, but it is NOT enough so he had to buy food to eat.  *opps*  Sorry son, let's hope this do not happen again.

DinoPapa said that the udon is a little bit hard, I should boil it long to make it soft. Well I didn't because I was afraid the udon will turn too soft or become soggy after I fried them, next time I shall boil them longer and see if the overall texture will be better or not.

Do you like udon as much as us?  Try this simple recipe and start bringing your own lunch to work~


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