Monday, February 9, 2015

Amigurumi Baa-Baa Sheep to welcome the Year of Sheep

Early last week, a fellow crafter posted a link from Stephanie of All About Ami suggesting that I should try to make Lambert the lamb, since its the year of Goat in 2015.  I must say that when I saw Lambert I was excited, but not so keen when I saw that it uses bouclé yarn, as I don't think I am experience enough to handle those type of yarn yet.  I scrolled further down and saw Fluufie the sheep and instantly fall in love with it.  However, these 2 are not in my To-Do List, just something that I admire and hopefully I will make them some day.

So everything changed when I was yarn shopping and saw this bouclé yarn; Sublime Woolly Merino and I KNOW I just GOTTA have it!  What's more, this time I have something to make it almost immediately!  So I put this SGD13.80 super duper expensive ball of yarn into my shopping basket and left the shop feeling like I'm walking in clouds.

Despite my enthusiasm it took me one day and one night to finish Bailey (I decided to name my sheep this because of the color).  The yarn calls for 5.5mm hook which I do not have, I have 1mm, 2mm, 3.45mm, 4mm and 6.75mm.  My fellow crafters suggested that I used a bigger hook size to work on this yarn so I went for the largest size I have; 6.75mm.  The stitches were humongous!  Ok I exaggerated a bit but I wasn't happy with it when I could see my finger tips when I pulled the worked piece slightly.  Nevertheless I decided to go ahead and finish the body.

Next came the issue with the rest of Bailey's parts, since I did not follow the hook size as indicated in the pattern nor did it cross my mind that I have to find the same weighted yarn for these parts.  And as all Murphy's Law or whatever Law is working,  *throws hands into the air* "Pfffttt!!!!"; you probably thought I would say that out loud and threw the fluffy ball a side and let it become another an unfinished project. NO WAY!  After stopping to think for like 30 seconds I had my solution, work with 2 strands of yarn on my 6.75mm hook and viola~!

I love to crochet but not a fan of attaching the parts together ("Pfffttt!!!!"), I mean I have eyes for details; so say... errmm.. ME! hahahha~ but when it comes to aligning the parts together and sewing them according to places I pinned is really really REALLY challenging!  Regardless how many pins I stick onto the part, they seems to always, always seems to have shifted on their own.  So I finished Bailey excitedly and he is "distorted", sorry Bailey, I'll send you to plastic surgery later.

Nonetheless, I love my Bailey very much, though he looks like a ball of califlower if I am staring at his butt.  As he is about palm size, he is very squishable, just nice for some stress relieving, that's why I brought him to work.  

Will I be making another Fluufie or Bailey?  Well, maybe not in the near future... but then again I never know when my inspiration or the urge to make another lamb/sheep will hit me.  Also if I chance upon some crochet hook sale I'll probably grab the required sizes to make Fluufie and crochet away~  

With the Chinese Lunar New Year just around the corner, I want to take this opportunity to wish every one

Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year!



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