Monday, June 15, 2015

Underwater World Singapore @ Sentosa

I mentioned in our facebook page that this June holiday is going to be Sentosa Themed and I am really not kidding. To start off I'll lead you to the Underwater World Singapore located at Siloso Road in Sentosa.  The last time I visited this place was about 6 years ago when DinoBoy was younger and we did not have a chance to visit Dolphin Lagoon.

It was not a cumbersome trip to Sentosa as we would thought, it only took us about 45 minutes by train to reach Harbourfront MRT station.  After that we went up to VivoCity level 3 to take the Sentosa Express to Beach Station follow by boarding either Bus 1 or 2 to Siloso Point.  The entrance to Underwater World Singapore is just a short walk from the bus stop.

There are many things to see, explore and learn in the Underwater World Singapore, I shall highlight to you the things that we enjoyed on that day.

Touch Pool
The minute the kids entered gantry, they made a bee line to the Touch Pool.  At first they only looked at the stingrays, star fishes and mild banded bamboo sharks swimming in the pool, when I said that they can put their hands in to try to touch they went mad BUT not before listening to the rules 1. Be gentle with the animals.  2. Touch gently, no shaking or pressing too hard on them.  3. Do not bring them up above the water.  They were really amazed that the bamboo shark swam up to their hands.  At first they were afraid of the sting rays but when I explained to them that their barbs have been professionally removed, they started to reach out to them too.  

Living Fossils
When you leave the Touch Pool, Ray of Fun pool, on the right you will see the Living Fossils section. It feels quite eerie for me because the area was dimly lighted, it does not help when you came face to face to giant fishes like as the alligator gar, red-tailed catfish and lungfishes.  They can be quite intimidating even though they are behind thick glass fish tanks.  DinoPapa was fascinated by them and went close to the tank, I would only dare to admire them from far.

Inside this section you can also see the Japanese Fire-bellied Newts.  These brightly colored freshwater amphibians are cute to look at but they are actually poisonous creatures who can produce lethal skin toxins from the sides of the head.

As much as I love to eat them *ahem* I also like to admire them as they comes in all shape and sizes with their own uniqueness too.  They can be as huge as the Japanese Giant Spider crab, or love to done on seaweeds, shells or debris to decorate themselves; hence they are called Decorator Crab.  Check out the other crabs in the area too.

The Tunnel
Other than the 6 meter deep Vertical Tube, the Tunnel is the other highlight of the place.  There is a travellator in the tunnel so you can either choose to walk slowly or let the travellator moves you forward while you look at the breathtaking view of hundreds of fishes swimming around you.  Or you can do like what these 2 imps did, which I strongly suggest against it unless it is not crowded.  They sat on the travellator while watching the giant fishes swim passes above them.  We went a few rounds looking at the fishes and never gets tired of them because there are simply too many to see in just one round around the tunnel.

The travellator did show it's age by its creaking sound while moving but I quite like it as it gives a sense of mystery and eeriness to the surrounding.   I even took a spectacular photo of the fishes swimming in the tunnel.

Dome Tank
While we were mesmerizing the jelly at the Jelly World, the kids were giggling and squealing, crawling in and out of the Dome Tank, looking at the clown fishes from the inside.  I saw that they had such a fun time and couldn't resist but to crawl into it with them.  It was truly a different view!  I feel weird with Sis looking at me, now I know how the clown fish feels like when we gawked at them.  The kids squeezed in with me and we did a different kind of #welfie too!

Note : Well, it is definitely not made for adult size, so if you want to have a go, just be careful and move slowly lest you bump your head or shoulder or butt.

Island Cuisine
All those running and walking makes us hungry and we head off to Island Cuisine for our late lunch.  It was a decent spread of local delights such as mee siam, Hainanese chicken rice, dim sum, rice, soup and dishes.  I guarantee you that there are more food than you can see from my photo, my tummy was complaining while I was taking photo of the food so I decided to had my fill instead.

I love their dim sum while Sis says their otak is good and of course the kids' favourite is the ice cream which they can eat to their fill.

Pink Dolphins & Fur Seals Show
The highlight for the show for some could be the Pink Dolphins and Fur Seal show which lasted about 30mins.

Even though they are affectionately known as the Pink Dolphins because of the blotches of pink in contrast to the usual grey coloring, their actually name is Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins.  These Pink Dolphins wowed the crowd with their magnificent acts and every one simply love it when they leaped out of the water.

The Fur Seals performed well too, they danced to the beat of a funky tune, catch hoops, bounced balls etc.  Plus they can really swim so swiftly and cuts through the water like a knife!  They even come up close to the audience to say "Hi!" but remember to admire them from afar and no running forward to hug them (I know its hard!), you wouldn't want to create some unhappy accidents.

When the show emcee asked for volunteer to have a up close and personal encounter with the pink dolphins, DinoBoy wanted to have a go so he raised up his hand.  I told him that to catch his attention he must wave his hands wildly in the air.  And guess what... I got chosen instead (I did ask DinoBoy if he wants to go but he doesn't want to coz he was afraid).  So I had my 2mins with this magnificent creature.  How could I NOT buy the photograph @ SGD20 for such a rare opportunity with the Pink Dolphin?

After the show, you can purchase tickets @ SGD20 to have your photo taken with either the Pink Dolphin or the Fur Seal, do take note of the photo taking timing of both animals.

Daily Dolphin and Fur Seal Show
Show Time : 11am, 2pm, 4pm and 5.45pm
*Every Wednesday 2pm: Come experience our exclusive pink dolphins behind-the-scene enrichment play session with our trainers!

Photo Taking Opportunity
Pink Dolphin : 11am and 4pm shows
Fur Seal : 2pm and 5.45pm shows

Before we left Underwater World Singapore, the kids wanted to have another round at the Touch Pool, shortly later they ran excitedly back to us asking if they can feed the fishes.  "Why not?" I thought so I went off with the kids to buy the fish food from the vending machine.  We went up to these 2 HUGE tank and before I could figure out how we could feed those fishes, the kids immediately soaked the fish food in the water at the opening in the front of the tank, trying to soften it so that they can break them up for the fishes.

Wile they were doing this I stared at the tank wondering as if something seems to be amiss.  Then it donned me!  Why did the water not gush out from the feeding opening???  Well it seems that the clever people behind this genius idea uses the laws of physics to create the tank.  The name Magic-T or Mystical Anti Gravity Interactive Concept Tank gives itself away, the tank defies gravity with its specially designed mechanism that creates a vacuum at the top of the tank and maintains low pressure such that water does not come gushing out of the outlets.  Amazing!

Turtle Pool
After all the excitement inside the Underwater World Singapore the sight of these giant creatures swimming peacefully in the pool gave us a sense of serenity and a chance for the kids to calm down before we make our way home.  

The Turtle Pool is located outside the main entrance and are safe haven for a number of highly-endangered species such as hawksbill turtle, loggerhead turtle, green turtle and olive ridley turtle.  Many of the turtles in the pool will be returned to the wild as part of a conservation programme conducted with Nanyang Technological University of Singapore.

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Telephone:  6275 0030

YES!  We had so much fun at Underwater World Singapore that we would like to spread the joy!  

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4. This promotion is not applicable with any ongoing promotions.
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15. Island Cuisine is not a halal certified restaurant. Dishes do not contain pork/lard.
16. UWS reserves the right to substitute the buffet meal with another item of equivalent value.
Disclaimer : We were invited by Huntington Communications on behalf of Underwater World Singapore to experience a different kind of oceanarium for the purpose of this post & giveaway, no other forms of compensation were received. All opinions are 100% ours and based on our experience during the visit. All photos, unless otherwise credited, are copyrighted and belongs to the DinoFamily, you may not use it for any purposes without seeking our approval.


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