Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Playtime comes to Life! Hamleys Toy Fair at Plaza Singapura

I went off to Plaza Singapura to run an errand for the company and saw that there is a toy fair at the atrium.  Usually I'm not interested at any toy fairs but a few people caught my attention.  They were playing with some toys, toys that I don't usually see and what attracted me most is - they were having SO MUCH FUN!  I wish ALL toy fairs can be like that, where the sales assistants, adults and kids having some fun together playing with the toys that the fair is promoting.

So I sneaked around... ok ok I pretend to look at the toys on the shelves but I was actually watching them from the corner of my eye and inching my way towards them.  You may think that I am crazy but wait till you look at the toys they were playing!

Here's a couple of them.  The Air Blaster Gun looks normal and uninteresting but I guarantee you that it will be a hit (no pun intended) with the kids!  Imagine getting shoot at by blast of air, they don't hurt you but instead you will burst out into giggles or laughter.  Tried and Tested by Me.

Meet Steven Wong, Air Blaster expert and Manager of Hamleys Malaysia

The Mini Drone needs no further introduction, any one will fall in love with it instantly!  Look at the height it can go!  There is a bigger version where you can mount a camera (sold separately) onto it and fly it around.  Ok, I am not sure whether licence are required to fly drone of any size with camera mounted on it, so please check with the authorities before thinking of doing that, IF you get caught, not my business ok.  And also IF you break any of  breakables or any valuable antique while playing with these drones in your house, also don't come after me for compensation.  

Now, if I have this Squid swimming with me I will not want to get out of the bath tub EVER!

I saw this and immediately wish that we had one of these when I was introducing human bones to DinoBoy a few years back.

I did a web search about Hamleys and found out that it is the oldest toy shop in the world and one of the world's best-known retailers of toys.  Wowzers! O.L.D.E.S.T. toy shop... in the WORLD?  For a toy shop that old or exactly 255 years old, the things that I saw at the toy fair are not old and dusty, instead what I saw are some toys that will drive anyone age between 1 and 99 crazy with excitement and wanting to grab every thing off the shelves!  The old school in me saw these and was so tempted to grab them home but stopped myself.  These traditional board games look so exquisite and they are made from solid wood, some are even handcrafted!  It took me a lot of self control not to grab a shopping bag just swipe them into it.

I strongly suggest that you make a trip down to Plaza Singapura to see these amazing toys from Hamleys!  

And if you prefer toys from other brands such as LEGO, Hasbro, Takara Tomy or Fisher-Price, there are special deals for some of their products too.

Playtime comes to Life! Hamleys Toy Fair at Plaza Singapura
Date: 29 June – 12 July 2015
Time: 10am – 10pm
Venue: Plaza Singapura Main Atrium, Level 1

Some of you may have saw this photo in my IG, its very badly taken and gosh, what's with those shocked look in the face plus a typo in my comment.  And yes that is the red post box I am posing with, too bad my arms are not long enough to take a full body photo.  The reason for this photo?  Its for the IG contest by Plaza Singapura.

Pose with the British icons and win attractive shopping vouchers! 
Contest period: 29 June to 26 July 2015. Winners will be announced on 5 August 2015.
Prize: Top three contestants will each win shopping vouchers worth $500, while seven other finalists will receive shopping vouchers worth $50 each.
1. Capture a photo of you with your family or friends at Plaza Singapura with the replicas of British icons such as the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, London Bus, telephone booth, post box and Royal Guards.

2. Upload the photo on Instagram

3. Like our @plazasingapura Instagram page. Tag @plazasingapura in your caption.

4. Add a funky caption and hashtag #psplaytime in your caption.
*Terms and conditions apply.

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post.


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