Friday, August 21, 2015

Munch Munch Travel Survival Kit

Since a couple of years ago, many of the old school stuffs have been popping out around us.  We have been going "Oooo" or "Ahhh" when we see snacks or toys from our childhood days.  And since this year we are celebrating our Nation's 50th Birthday, of course we must include these old school stuffs in our giveaway~

Presenting to you Munch Munch, started by Ken who love every thing old school, it's a place where you can indulgent yourself with the piah, kacang & keropok, tng etc and our personal favourite, the masak-masak and kiam sng tee!  What's more, they are pocket friendly too!

Oh boy! I'm craving for this now, again!

Munch Munch put together a Munch Munch Travel Survival Kit especially for our SG50 Giveaway, so wonderful of them.

WooHoo!!! I think it is a great idea because how else can munch on all the snacks all in one go?!! And after we are done enjoying those snacks, we can relive our childhood by playing with those simple but engaging old school games.

Oh, you see that black package with a big question mark in the photos? They are the Tikam Tikam Surprise that Munch Munch put together to make this a MORE exciting giveaway.  What is Tikam Tikam?  Gosh we are so from different era if you are asking that question and that also reveals my age to you *opps*  Tikam Tikam means guessing game in Malay language, it is also a popular game in the early years where a cardboard is filled up with tickets with numbers, you can purchase a ticket for a minimal price of 5cents each to reveal the price behind the number.  I remembered my Mum sold them in our shop at Bras Basah Complex, it was fun to see the students from the nearby schools came by to buy them and see their expressions when they won the prizes.

Each Tikam Tikam Surprise consist of different things so I am not going to let the cat out of the bag by showing mine to you hehehe~

Unlike me, DinoBoy did not attack the snacks, he just took a look, asked what they are and put them aside.  Instead he look at all the toys and ask me about them then settle down to play with them, one by one, slowly.  Look at him so engrossed in playing with the toys! And he got all the triangles into the holes on the FIRST try! *jealous*

Look Mum!  I managed to get all the triangles in to the hole!

DinoBoy always like spinning tops, its obvious coz he made a spinning top out of Lego when he was about 5 years old, so it's not surprise that he love these mini tops.

Board and card games plays a big part of our family bonding time, we were thrilled to find Animal Chess included in our Munch Munch Survival Kit! Can't believe that we do not have this yet in our collection.  And DinoBoy managed to win DinoPapa in a couple of games, that surprise both DinoPapa and myself.  Now I foresee this will be a game that DinoBoy picks first during family game nights.

DinoBoy was very intrigued by this simple toy, the Wall Crawling Man he calls it and every time he threw this red little  man onto our store room door he's squealing with dramatic words like in the video.  A note though, this Crawling Man only moves on our smooth surfaced store room door, he will stick onto our walls AND our ceiling (DinoBoy misfired and the  little red man landed above him), refusing to move a single bit. 

I have already put a whole load of snacks into my shopping cart in Munch Munch online shop, they offers free delivery for orders over SGD100 so that's some savings for me (so that I can buy MOR snacks! YAY!).  Excuse me while I go back to my shopping.  And if you around these 2 areas below, why not check out Munch Munch?

Where to find Munch Munch
Location #1 
No 1. Fusionopolis Way,
Connexis #B1-23
Singapore 138633

Operation Hour:
Monday to Saturday
11:00am - 8pm

Loction #2
The New Chinatown Point
133 New Bridge Road,
The New Chinatown Point #B2-03
Singapore 059413

Operation Hour:
Monday to Sunday
10:30am - 9:30pm

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Ok ok! I'm not so evil to keep this goodie stuff to myself, so here's a chance to win a Munch Munch Travel Survival Kit.

Giveaway Details

Prize : x5 Munch Munch Travel Survival Kit + Tikam Tikam Surprise
Contest Ends : 28 August 2015 @ 2359hrs
Open : Singapore
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Disclaimer : We received a Travel Survival Kit + Tikam Tikam Surprise from Munch Munch for the purpose of this post and giveaway, no other forms of compensation were received. All opinions are 100% ours and all photos in this post unless otherwise credited, are copyrighted and belongs to the DinoFamily, you may not use any of the photos for any purposes without seeking our approval.


  1. My old school game would be the string game (The Cat Cradle's game) and Zero Point!

  2. My old school games/toys is GAMEBOY!! I love to play that games so much when i was young. I always quarrel with my little sister over it, and who gets to play it first after school.

    Noor Fazillah

  3. OMG!!!!! Got lot of goodies I missed!!!

    Wafer Disc.. Satay Stick.. Bob Dog.. Card Game (Donkey & Happy Family my Favourite), ABC Biscuits!!!!

    Thank you for the giveaway!!!

  4. The Magnet fishing Game! Just bought two sets for my kids to play and they love it! Really hard to find these old school simple games these days

  5. When Grandma was still around , every Saturday , my cousins & I will go Grandma's house . We'll play so many games . One of our favourite is block catching ! Thou it's superb tiring to find " suspects " in a 11 storey block but it's really , really FUN !! I'm still missing it . Now all of us had grown up but memories last forever ~ ~ ~

    Facebook Profile Name : Alice Jun
    Email address :

  6. Some of the childhood games/toys that I have played or consumed and not mentioned in your write include the following:

    - 5 stones
    - throw marbles
    - zero points
    - hopscotch
    - crocodile river (identifying colour being asked by the Croc to cross river)
    - exchanging of letter pads design
    - ABC crackers (rooster on red packaging)

  7. this is soooo nice...i remember there is a bubble blowing with a straw.. always trying to blow the biggest bubble than e rest...

  8. I played five stones!

    Meifen Tan

  9. Aeroplane chess!!
    Fb name annie tan

  10. Aeroplane chess! My favourite!
    Fb chengling

  11. 5 stones
    Julie tan

  12. I love to play with Kuti Kuti! So colourful and pretty featuring different designs! (FB ID: Yun Zhen)

  13. I remembered my favourite games are Zero point, Kuti Kuti and five stones that are not found in your picture.

  14. Mastermind. I love this game very much! :)

  15. Five Stones.
    Khor Lee Ling

  16. Hopscotch
    Leong Yee Ming


  18. Name: Paul Tan. Traditional marble game

  19. I love these old school snacks. Hope to ein

  20. Zero point, catching and snake and ladders are some of the old school games which I enjoy

  21. I love five stones!

  22. I played five stones during school days esp during recess time.Always & still my favourite game.Analiza Mokhtar

  23. Name: Analiza Mokhtar. Always played five stones during school days.

  24. That has got to be 5 stones!!

  25. Hopscotch! My old primary school compound(Mee Toh School) used to have a game area for us to play hopscotch, we also brought our own rubber bands for the 'zero point' game..really brings back memories..-Wynn Yeo

  26. I have played hopscotch as well as skipping with my friends during my childhood games.I used to love playing marbles too but they were more popular with boys and I still remember that all our friends had huge collections of marbles of different colors and sizes and sometimes we would trade them too.