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SG50 Celebration - What Singapore Means to Me

In 2012, I was honoured to be part of the Loving My Spot (In Singapore) blogtrain hosted by The Playful Parents, that blogtrain was part of the celebration to our Nation's 47th Birthday on 9th August.  15 mummies from Singapore Mom Bloggers introduced and shared places in Singapore where they had fond memories of during their childhood days.  I wrote in my post about Bras Basah Complex, a place that is still so dear and close to me.

3 years later I am honoured to be on another blogtrain to share my love for my country, The Little Red Dot, who turned 50 years old on 9th August 2015. Plans were made earlier this year to celebrate this great year, events and programs were lined up where people share their personal memories, show their gratitude and love for our country. You can find out more here at Singapore50.  Our Nation's birthday falls on a Sunday this year, the government declared that Friday as a public holiday and we have Jubilee Weekend from 7th to 10th August 2015, to celebrate our 50th year of independence.  

We did not visit any events or places of interest during the Jubilee Weekend because we anticipated that there will be crowds every where and we are not fond of that.  Instead we spent quiet times at home watching television programs or doing stuffs together.  DinoBoy learned a dish or two from DinoPapa too!

On 9th August 2015, we sat in front of the tv as we always did over the past years to watch the National Day Parade held at the Padang.  People bought tickets to watch the parade, some swarmmed to places near the Padang to catch the aerial display and the fireworks, we choose to celebrate it in the comfort of our home.

Watching the performances by the thousands of Singaporeans both young and old, telling the story of Singapore starting from 50 years ago I feel blessed to be in this country.  We have been through a lot, we struggled to make our tiny country known to the rest of the world and looking at our achievements I can safely say that the Little Red dot is not little any more.

This year we lost our beloved ex PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew on 23 March 2015, the whole nation mourned our lost and every one came together to support each other in getting through Mourning Week.  I was affected too, he was a great leader with great foresight and I admire him for that because look at where we are now.  I remember him in the only way I know, I wrote down my thoughts here, it was one of the saddest post I have written.

With every lost, there are more things to celebrate.  This year we put ourselves in the limelight again when our Singapore Botanic Garden was declared UNESCO World Heritage Site at the 39th session of the World Heritage Committee in Bonn, Germany on Saturday (July 4).  Our athletes did us proud during the 28th South East Asian (SEA) Games where a significant number of games records, national records and personal records were broken. For once, we are truly proud of our athletes and their achievements.

Singapore is a multi culture, safe and stable country, we have good infrastructure, being one of the largest financial centre and busiest port in the world it is no wonder many flocked to Singapore.  Whatever the reasons they made them decided to make Singapore their home, and whether we like it or not, they are here to stay.

We have walked together for half a century, what will happen after that?  Frankly, I have no idea, I am not sure will there be A Future for the younger generations, our true blue young Singaporeans.  However things will turned out to be I am confident that our government will prepare us for any changes or challenges ahead.

I never have any big dreams, in fact I always have this thought that I will just be a humble housewife where I can fuss on my family and go on afternoon high tea with my friends.  Alas, dreams and reality often differ but I got the better end of the deal because I am blessed to have a wonderful husband and son.  

In addition, I have everything that people from other parts of the world wish their country will be, I should be content, I AM contented.  I am just a humble Me, who wanted nothing bombastic going on in  my life but I wish with all my heart that my beloved country will go all out and make a mark for herself.

This is my Country, my Home, where I Belong.  We are small but we are mighty.

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This blog train was initiated by Finallymama, join us while we let you see Singapore through our eyes.

Finally Mama

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Next up on the blogtrain is Bumble Bee Mum who is a stay-home mum who blogs about her adventures with the kids around Singapore (and beyond). Growing up in Singapore and subsequently bringing her kids up in Singapore, find out what Singapore means to her on her blog tomorrow!


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