Monday, September 21, 2015

A truly blessed 42nd Birthday

Oh my God! Its nearing the end of September, time simply just seems to be zipping by without me noticing.  With the CA2 exam came and gone at a blink of eyes, I thought I could take a rest for a while but then I was caught up with work and before I can take a breather, there were no fresh air for me to breathe... literally.  The annual haze from our country's neighbour was really bad this time, hitting a record high of at least PSI 250 on some days.

Besides getting all my things ready for the Gardener Days Out Bazzar at HortPark over 2 weekends, I was also busy brewing tea and cooking soup that nourishes the lungs to make sure DinoPapa and DinoBoy does not come down with flu and cough due to the haze because both of them have sensitive air way.  

My blog suffered because I have no time sit down and pen down my thoughts, till now.  My work schedule is looser and the air is better thus I can think properly instead of nursing dry eyes and headache almost daily.

August had been a fun and fantastic month.  Besides our August Giveaway Frenzy which is into its 2nd year, it is also the birthday month of DinoBoy and myself.  I usually do not plan anything for my birthday, not even a cake, such a hassle and waste money coz I can bake a butter cake (my most preferred cake) easily that cost a fraction of the store bought cake.  This year however, it was different, I received a birthday cake from DinoPapa and DinoBoy a day before my birthday.  According to DinoPapa, the boy wanted to get a cake that day because there was a promo going on, he told the dad to get it today so that he can save some money.  Yupe, you heard it right, my 9 year old boy paid for the $20+ Oreo Cheesecake using his Spending Money.  Proud Mama & Papa moments!

And because he paid for the cake, and he knows I have no preference on cake, he got his favourite cake and decided that it should be divided into 3 parts so we can have equal share of the cake.  Look at his very satisfied and happy expression.

My birthday happens to be on a weekend, my best way of celebrating is to cook a sumptuous dinner and enjoy it with my family.  It was only 3 dish + 1 soup dinner of air fired Turmeric chicken mid-wings, Thai basil minced pork, stir fried nai bai with prawns and salmon with toufu, fishball & golden mushroom in miso soup,  but every one enjoyed it.

The next day our PT cleaning auntie came over and gave us a box of Blueberry Muffins, "for my birthday" she said.  Wow~ so touched! And the muffins are really delicious, I ate 1 and the rest were shared among DinoPapa and DinoBoy.

Last but not least, I received a beautiful rainbow birthday card from Ren, a friend who never forgets my birthday since the day we met some 2 decades ago. I'm truly blessed to have her as a friend, may our friendship continue forever~   

PS : Ren is a very talented paper crafter who designs and creates cards for every occasions. If you have that special someone whom you want to surprise with a unique personalized card, drop by her facebook page InkAPaper Designs and leave her a message OR head off to her blog to see her creations. I guarantee that you will definitely get that card that will truly sends your thoughts and love to the special someone.

Also, not forgetting the many birthday wishes I received in my facebook, so much love from so many of my friends!

So, from not expecting any sort of celebrations to receiving so many things from loved ones and closed friends, it was a truly blessed birthday for me.  

A handful of closed friends know that there were a few major changes in the family these couple of years, it is especially difficult for us earlier this year but things started to settle down as we eased ourselves onto the new routine.  It was extremely stressing and difficult for me, however I am heartened to see the transformation of DinoBoy, from a boy who defies all rules and reasoning to a boy who shoulder some responsibilities with me.  

Today I celebrated another "victory" silently.  This morning I asked him if he's been seeing the school counselor and his reply makes me want to leap high up into the air and shout for joy!  He said that he has not been seeing her and "Ms Doreen said that if she did not see me means I am getting better."  Can you imagine the joy I felt inside me?  I am so so so proud of my little boy!

Perhaps the wish I had as I blew out the birthday candles on my birthday cake that day is going to come true, perhaps  things are going to be better soon.


  1. Happy belated birthday, Jennifer. Another year of wisdom, another year of betterment.

    And truly happy for you on DinoBoy. You are a proud mama!

    1. Thanks PC! I just saw your comment today hehe~
      We are all proud mamas =)