Wednesday, October 14, 2015

DAISO items around the house

Who can resist buying stuffs at mere SGD2?  Not to mention most of the stuffs are oh-so-pretty, useful, innovative, delicious, special, unique etc.  Yes, we are talking about DAISO, where every thing is SGD2, an "Evil" or "Heaven" to all, depending on your position.

I have been shopping at DAISO many times in a year, that's for staying near one of the outlet, bought many stuffs from there for storage, organising cabinets and shelves but never really a serious DAISO fan or DAISO-fanatics (as some of them call themselves).  Nonetheless, I am a DAISO patron and this couple of months my trips to DAISO had increase after I join a DAISO facebook group where they share tried and tested DAISO products which I never paid any attention to prior to that.

So, here's sharing what I have bought during these couple of months and since I cook frequently so I shall start off with food related items.

I was introduced to this microwavable vegetable box but instead of using it for its intended purpose, I use it ot keep food such as mushrooms, cut/sliced vegetable or cooked soba.  It comes with an inner container that acts as a strainer thus enabling water to drip down into the container and preventing the vegetables or noodles from touching the water thus causing it to rot.  Vegetables were kept fresh for about a week in the fridge.

Sometimes I will prepare cold soba the day before, either as DinoBoy's recess in school or food for DinoPapa.  I drained the cooked soba, let it cooled down and store them in this box before popping it into the fridge.  DAISO's noodles are delicious and chewy, the price does not compromise the quality, there are 3 bundles of noodles in each pack, quite value for money. I used their noodle sauce to make cold soba sauce and store it in the screw top round container.  I also used their mirin and vinegar in my cooking too.  

Here is DinoBoy's typical cold soba bento for his recess.

Spot the Daiso items - Soba, seaweed, sauce bottle and bento food pick
Not so long ago, our hand soap bottle was faulty, something broke and we can't pump out the soup, I did not have an extra empty bottle to change which resulted in the bottle was unscrewed and we have to pour out the hand soap every time we have to use it.  Imagine the inconvenience and wastage when we accidentally poured too much. I chanced upon this pump bottle and immediately bought it.  Can you guess the reason?

This citrus acid is for cleaning our electric pot, thermal pot and pots, sure we can use baking soda but I prefer to use them for my baking, plus this packet is only SGD2 and will most likely last me for a good 6 months.  I'd say its Value for Money.

We have this huge drawer underneath the stove where we will keep the food stuffs such as instant noodles, dried goods, spices, packet of seasoning etc.  It can get very messy especially when we are short of time in meals preparation so things got tossed around in the big drawer often.  Recently I got hold of this stackable plastic containers to separate the used and new packets of spices, packet of seasoning and dried good.  Now we can see where they are and can pick them up to use easily.  I probably have to get a couple more to keep the instant noodles and dried noodles/bee hoon just for the sake of keeping the drawer tidy.

There was a major craze for the Maison series of container and stationery, people are fighting over it, no joke about that!  It not only caused some people to quarrel in the store (Ya you heard me right!) but also in the facebook group too!  It was so bad that people are queueing outside DAISO, waiting for it to open just to be the first few to sweep the series off the shelves.  Some were so impatient that they told the staffs not to waste effort & time to unpack them to put on the shelves, they will just grab the whole box and pay for it.  

I was lucky to be able to get my hands on one of the container, yes I was bought over by the sweet color and design, I used it to put all my sauces & condiments that are used for cooking lunch in the office.  It not only look pretty on my table, I can keep them neatly and not afraid of any accidental spills onto my work table.

There are some other DAISO stuffs that are around the house but these are a few that I thought are more worth mentioning.  If you have any other ideas or usage on DAISO items, do share with us.

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  1. Wah thanks for sharing! I didn't think of using the microwave noodles container in this way, but it's a really good idea. Gonna go hunt for it later. ;P

    1. Adeline, DAISO stuffs are very versatile so you can use your imagination to try to use it other then their intended use.