Friday, December 4, 2015

Hasbro Transformers Combiner War 2015

Early last week we received a pleasant surprise from Hasbro Singapore, they sent us 2 Transformers Combiner War toys, a 2016 calendar and a sweet little note.  Its an early Christmas surprise for DinoBoy~

Later that day when I stepped into the house, I showed DinoBoy the plastic bag, he took a peep inside it, exclaimed with a loud "WOW! Its it for me?" and went off to his room to explore the toys, without giving me any hugs *hmmpphh*  Toys over Mum... Transformers toys OVER Mum!  Nevermind, I forgive him coz I know how much he love Transformers.

When I saw on Hasbro Singapore facebook that they are going to host a Transformers Combiners Challenge on 28th & 29 November 2015 I know immediately that we MUST take part in the challenge!  

The challenge starts from 1pm to 6pm on both days, we reached at 1.30pm and there was already a crowd gathering at the area!  We quickly register for the challenge and waited patiently for our turn.  Here is DinoBoy doing the challenge, so focus and serious.  

When we were there, there were only young boys of not more than 10 years old taking the challenge., what happened to the girls?  Too shy to take part?  I am sure there are many girls who love Transformers just like this Mama *grins*

eh I don't know how they do it! Finished transforming and fixing Air Raid and Sky Dive onto Silverbolt in 1.03 seconds!  Steady lah!  

DinoBoy's time was 2:30+ seconds, he didn't win but it's ok, he had fun trying~

There was a bundle promotion on that day for 2 particular sets of Transformers Combiner, I was pretty happy to see this deal as I told DinoBoy that he can buy 1 or 2 Transformers toys when we head out of the house with the Takashimaya vouchers I had, with this bundle pack he gets FIVE Transformers instead!  What's more, I used my Takashimaya vouchers to pay for it and only top up $27.50 for the set, super good deal to me!  *All terms & conditions applies to the Bundle Pack and only while stock lasts*

I thought it would be an easy "grab & go" thing but it took us 30mins before the boy was satisfied with the set.  This is because one of the small bots - Firefly is OOS!!!  Horror among horror!!! Yes! Especially when you have a child who is stubborn in certain things and this happens to be one of it.  DinoBoy did not take it well that Firefly is NOT there, he searched fanatically at the shelf, bugging the Hasbro promoter about it, going on and on that he has to find Firefly etc etc.  This Hasbro promoter was very patient and tried to calmed DinoBoy down, he tried to get him to buy another bot but he would have none of that.  Geezz!!!

DinoBoy asked the Hasbro promoter when the stock will be in and he has to call his supervisor to check.  The event emcee Mr Derrick Lee of Cream of Maestro saw the commotion and approached us, later on he tried his best to help by making a call to some one in Hasbro to check if we are able to exchange the bot with Firefly when the stock comes in.  I almost want to give up and drag the boy home because we are not going anywhere with his persistence attitude, plus I felt so embarrassed for causing so much hassle and trouble to so many people! After some discussions with the Hasbro promoter (Gawd knows what did he drilled and asked him!) , the boy decided that it is OKAY to have ONE different bot from the picture.  *Phew*  Hallelujah for all!  We can finally head off to have our ice cream treats.

Super happy with his Transformers Combiners

The friendly and helpful Derrick

More Transformers Promotion!
Besides the Transformers Combiners War Bundle Pack I mentioned above, here are a few other promotions worth checking out for. Check out Transformers Combiners War over here.

- Transformers Generations Leader Class Assorted now $69.90 (U.P. $99.90)
- Transformers Super Bumblebee now $99.90 (U.P. $159.90)
- Transformers RID Mini-Con Deployers Assorted now $29.90 (U.P. $39.90)

*All terms & conditions applies for the promotions and only valid while stocks last*

More Great Deals from Hasbro!
I am sure your Christmas list will include toys, then you really have to keep your eyes glue to Hasbro Christmas Advent Calender coz they will be sharing some great deals on favourite toys from Nerf, Transformers, Play-Doh and more!

Disclaimer : We received 2 Transformers Combiner War figurine from Hasbro Singapore but was not required to blog about it.  We decided to do it because we had such great fun during the Transformers Combiner Challenge and something that we want to document as part of DinoBoy's childhood.


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