Friday, February 13, 2015

Kids Fiesta 2015, A FUNTASY Adventure

So the end of 1st school term is coming to an end soon, and for most of the kids it also means that the dreaded CA1 (Continual Assessment) test.  Don't ask me when is DinoBoy's CA test, I am the Oblivious Mum when it comes to school work and activities.  ANYWAY~ let's all see beyond this CA thing and concentrate on the March 2015 school term break, woohoo~~

First up on our recommendation list is Kids Fiesta, it is back; TWICE the size and THRICE the FUN!

If you have not been to Kids Fiesta you are missing out a whole load of fun.

Held every year, Kids Fiesta aims to ensure that every child who participates in Kids Fiesta has a ridiculously wonderful experience. They want to show mums, dads and kids, too, that learning goes beyond the pages of textbooks and the walls of tuition centres.  This is something which the DinoFamily believes in too!
Using a holistic approach, Kids Fiesta (think of us as dream makers!), will help your child become a person who reaches for his goals — with a touch of flair and ingenuity, of course.

How about the meet and greet sessions with Pikachu, Dora the Explorer and Batman, just to name a few, sounds to you? Too great to be true?! Well, we thought so too!

When is it Happening

Kids Fiesta
Date: 13 to 15 March 2015
Time: 11am to 9pm
Venue: Suntec Convention Halls 401 and 402
Admission: FREE
FUNTASY Passport: $20 (UP $25) Early bird sale ends 27 February 2015.

Exclusive Promotions 

Expect to see many great and trustworthy brands during the event, here are some of them with some exclusive deals for you.

Images provided by Kids Fiesta

Exclusive Promotions from our Presenter, Kidz Education City (KEC)
• Climb Asia
Let your kids be Spider-Man for a day and try rock climbing at $10 per pax.

• Cristofori
FREE $30 cash vouchers and $200 off every piano purchased upon enrolment.Colourful ukeleles from $28.

• Dancepointe
Bring a friend along and enjoy 50% discount on 1st term school fees for both! Savings up to $210!

• Genius R Us
Little Bakers follow your noses to Genius R Us booth and learn to shape, bakeand decorate your own Sweet Treat Cookies at only $15 per child + a bonus treat!

• LEAP SchoolHouse
Sign up for a trial class at only $38 (UP $60) and receive a Free Gift plusenjoy 15% off your first term fees!

Grab the FUNTASY Passport holders - A MUST!

What’s in for FUNTASY Passport holders?
Each FUNTASY Passport entitles the holder to:
• Any 5 FUNTASY rides
- Western Train
- Inflatable Obstacle
- Pirate Ship
- Orbitor Cars
- Laser Maze
• Any 4 FUNTASY activities
- Glitter Tattoo
- Balloon Sculpturing
- Photo Booth
- Face Painting
• A goodie bag worth $50 (while stock lasts.)
• A lucky draw chance
- First prize: The Wall Story Customised Wall Mural worth $2,000
- Second prize: Wave House Customised Children’s birthday party worth $1,000
- Third prize: Shangri-La’s Rasa Sentosa Resort & Spa, Singapore 1N Deluxe Pool View Room worth $585

PLUS! Get Kids Fiesta’s customised ice cream from $3.90. There’s complimentary candy floss for grabs too!

Don't wait, click the link here and grab your FANTASY Passports now, early bird sale will end on 27 February 2015.  Hurry now as they are selling out FAST!

*** *** ***
The DinoFamily received some goodies from the good people from Kids Fiesta to host giveaway in our blog~  And its not only one gift but its TWO!  Now I know both of the prizes are great I would like to request all my readers to show and exercise graciousness, so please enter to win only ONE of the prize.

Anyway I am fair (hahaha~), the Airport Traffic Control game set is Boys friendly while the Suncoat Girl Nail Salon Kit is Girls friendly.  Of course we are not trying to sterotype games based on gender but I am using this to help you decide which giveaway you should join.

 We thank you for your consideration and kind gesture.


Prize #1 : x3 Airport Traffic Control game set
Prize #2 : x3 Suncoat Girl Nail Salon Kit
Contest Ends : 27 February 2015 @ 2359hrs
Open : Singapore
How to Enter : Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below
Terms and conditions of giveaway are as follow:
- To avoid being disqualified without prior notice for the giveaway, please read carefully the following and fulfill ALL the requirements stated;
- Be nice and gracious, enter ONLY ONE of the giveaway.
- Winners will have 3 days to respond by replying to our notification email otherwise, a new winner will be picked.
- Only one winner per household.
- Overseas winner will have to pay for all overseas postage charges.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook

Enter Kids Fiesta 2015 giveaway to win Prize #1 OR
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Enter Kids Fiesta 2015 giveaway to win Prize #2
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Come Fly with Me @ iFLY Singapore

Couple of months ago, while walking towards the Beach Station in Sentosa...

DinoBoy : Mom, (points at a building) what is that place?
DinoMama : Oh, that's iFLY.
DinoBoy : What do you do there? Fly?
DinoMama : Yupe, something like that. You get to experience flying indoor.
DinoBoy : (Eyes widens in excitement) Can we go there please?
DinoMama : Errmmm... next time, its the end of the day and its time to go home.
DinoBoy : Okay! But promise me that you will bring me there, I want to FFF~LLLYYYYY!

Fast forward to recently, the day we get to FFF~LLLYYYYY~~~  We were so excited!  Lucky for DinoBoy, he was 8 years old at that time because iFLY Singapore has a regulation that all kids MUST BE at least 7 years old base on birth month and year.  Means if your child is born in March 2008, and you plan to go in February 2015, your child will not be able to join you.  so please take note of this to avoid any disappointment.

About iFLY Singapore

Image taken from iFLY Singapore
You are probably wondering what is so exciting about iFLY Singapore.  Well, standing at almost 5 storeys high, they are the world's first largest themed wind tunnel for indoor skydiving.  The state-of-the-art patent technology ensures a high degree of safety and accommodates all types of flyers; from first timers to seasoned skydivers.

Your iFLY Singapore experience will be fully supervised by skilled instructors who are certified by the International Bodyflight Association.

Our Flight
We were already at iFLY Singapore an hour before our scheduled flight time.  If you are thinking that you could start flying immediately, sorry to disappoint you.  This is not going to be something that you can jump in and just do it right away.  Like all sports, it needs some training to know the proper way to fly and precautions to take.  Your body have to stay straight, heads looking up, elbows bents and keep them up by the side.  

Since it will be too noisy and impossible for verbal communication inside the wind tunnel, you have to know the simple hand signal from the instructor.

Hand Signal by You
- Thumbs up - GOOD!
- Thumbs down - I want OUT!

Hand Signal by Instructor
- A Victory sign - Keep your feet straight
- A bent Victory sign - Bend your knees

Next, its time to gear up. After removing all you accessories like ear rings, necklaces, rings, watches etc etc, proceed to the counter to let the people in charge size you up for the flight suit, helmet and goggle.  Ear plugs are optional, we didn't use it and we are not deaf at the end of the flight.  If you are like me, who forgot that laced up shoes is a MUST, don't worry you can get a pair of sneakers at the counter, socks are priced at $4 per pair, it comes with stylish iFLY logo.  Since its an open area where the public watch the flyers fly, we suggest that you stuff your barang-barangs into the lockers provided by iFLY, it does not comes free though, you have to pay $3 for each locker.

My advice to those who wear spectacles like me, they have special goggles for us but I suggest that you remove your spectacles and use the normal goggles because it does not give any added secured protection to the spectacles.  During the second flight, the wind was so strong that it pushed my goggles up towards my forehead, half the time I was worried that the goggles will give way and there goes my dam expensive spectacles.  It will be my greatest nightmare because I will be as blind as a bat without it!

Plus, there isn't anything interesting to see while you are in the wind tunnel.  You see that beautiful big glass panel in the photos below with the beautiful scenery outside?  Sorry, you will not be watching that beautiful scene while enjoying the flight, instead you will be facing inside, looking at the faces of your fellow flight mates getting jittery and excited while waiting for their turn.  So, ya remove your spectacles so that you can enjoy the flying experience fully.

While looking at your flight mates, remember to smile beautifully so that the camera and video recorder can catch you in your best pose.  After the flight experience you can proceed down to the counter to get your pretty photos printed out and take home to display so that every one knows that you flew~ woohoo!

Now that you have seen the photos of us flying, here are some of the IMPORTANT THINGS you have to know before you heads off to their website to book your flight.

iFLY Singapore pre-flight requirements and guidelines:
Who Can Fly
Flyers must be 7+ years of age and above, 120 kg maximum if under 1.8m tall, 140 kg maximum if over 1.8 m tall, not pregnant, have no hard casts, nor be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No history of shoulder dislocation, back or neck injury.

Pre-Flight Requirements
- Flyers are required to check in 1 hr prior to the flight time as you will be required to attend professional training to ensure safety throughout your flight experience.
- Attired in tee-shirts, shorts, jean or pants. Ladies are advised not to dress in skirts or dresses.
- Closed toe shoes with laces. Preferably sneakers / track shoes.
- Please avoid wearing accessories like necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watches, etc.
- Flyers are required to bring along their Identity card / passport for verification purposes.

***Cue Michael Bublé sexy crooning voice***

Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away
If you can use some exotic booze there's a bar in far Bombay
Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away

Come fly with me, let's float down to Peru
In llama-land there's a one man band and he'll toot his flute for you
Come fly with me, let's take off in the blue

Yes! We enjoyed our skydiving experience with iFLY Singapore and would like to send a couple to experience it too!


Prize : 1 pair of iFLY flight voucher (worth $198), all terms & conditions applied
Contest Ends : 18 February 2015 @ 2359hrs
Open : Singapore
How to Enter : Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below
Terms and conditions of giveaway are as follow:
- To avoid being disqualified without prior notice for the giveaway, please read carefully the following and fulfill ALL the requirements stated;
- Winners will have 3 days to respond by replying to our notification email otherwise, a new winner will be picked.
- Only one winner per household.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook

a Rafflecopter giveaway

iFLY Singapore Current Promotion
In case you are as eager as a young bird that can't wait to take your first flight, iFLY Singapore is currently having a CNY 2015 promotion, remember to grab a family member or a friend who is born in the year of Goat to enjoy the promotion!

Terms & Conditions of iFLY CNY 2015 Promotion
- Valid for on-site purchase only
- Book and fly from 1 Feb to 6 Mar 2015
- Redemption is strictly for customers born in the 'Year of Goat' with the purchase of 2 x First Timer Challenge Packages.
- Free flight have to be utilised in the same flight session
- Valid photo ID for all flyers must be presented prior to flight upon check-in and purchase.
- Valid for all flight slots, including eve of and on Public holidays, subject to flight availability
- Not valid with any other promotions, vouchers, privileges, membership/loyalty programmes.

Address: 43 Siloso Beach Walk, Singapore
Telephone: 6571 0000
Operating hours as follows:
Mon, Tues, Thurs-Sun: 9.00am – 9.30pm
First Flight: 10.00am/ Last Flight: 9.30pm
Wed: 11– 9.30pm
First Flight: 12.00pm/ Last Flight: 9.30pm

Image taken from iFLY Singapore

Disclaimer : We are in no way affiliated to the staffs and management of iFLY Singapore. We were invited by iFLY Singapore for an indoor skydive experience for the purpose of this post. No other form of compensation was received. All opinions are 100% ours and based on our flying experience with iFLY Singapore.  Unless otherwise stated on the photos, the DinoFamily reserves the copyright of all the photos in this post.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Amigurumi Baa-Baa Sheep to welcome the Year of Sheep

Early last week, a fellow crafter posted a link from Stephanie of All About Ami suggesting that I should try to make Lambert the lamb, since its the year of Goat in 2015.  I must say that when I saw Lambert I was excited, but not so keen when I saw that it uses bouclé yarn, as I don't think I am experience enough to handle those type of yarn yet.  I scrolled further down and saw Fluufie the sheep and instantly fall in love with it.  However, these 2 are not in my To-Do List, just something that I admire and hopefully I will make them some day.

So everything changed when I was yarn shopping and saw this bouclé yarn; Sublime Woolly Merino and I KNOW I just GOTTA have it!  What's more, this time I have something to make it almost immediately!  So I put this SGD13.80 super duper expensive ball of yarn into my shopping basket and left the shop feeling like I'm walking in clouds.

Despite my enthusiasm it took me one day and one night to finish Bailey (I decided to name my sheep this because of the color).  The yarn calls for 5.5mm hook which I do not have, I have 1mm, 2mm, 3.45mm, 4mm and 6.75mm.  My fellow crafters suggested that I used a bigger hook size to work on this yarn so I went for the largest size I have; 6.75mm.  The stitches were humongous!  Ok I exaggerated a bit but I wasn't happy with it when I could see my finger tips when I pulled the worked piece slightly.  Nevertheless I decided to go ahead and finish the body.

Next came the issue with the rest of Bailey's parts, since I did not follow the hook size as indicated in the pattern nor did it cross my mind that I have to find the same weighted yarn for these parts.  And as all Murphy's Law or whatever Law is working,  *throws hands into the air* "Pfffttt!!!!"; you probably thought I would say that out loud and threw the fluffy ball a side and let it become another an unfinished project. NO WAY!  After stopping to think for like 30 seconds I had my solution, work with 2 strands of yarn on my 6.75mm hook and viola~!

I love to crochet but not a fan of attaching the parts together ("Pfffttt!!!!"), I mean I have eyes for details; so say... errmm.. ME! hahahha~ but when it comes to aligning the parts together and sewing them according to places I pinned is really really REALLY challenging!  Regardless how many pins I stick onto the part, they seems to always, always seems to have shifted on their own.  So I finished Bailey excitedly and he is "distorted", sorry Bailey, I'll send you to plastic surgery later.

Nonetheless, I love my Bailey very much, though he looks like a ball of califlower if I am staring at his butt.  As he is about palm size, he is very squishable, just nice for some stress relieving, that's why I brought him to work.  

Will I be making another Fluufie or Bailey?  Well, maybe not in the near future... but then again I never know when my inspiration or the urge to make another lamb/sheep will hit me.  Also if I chance upon some crochet hook sale I'll probably grab the required sizes to make Fluufie and crochet away~  

With the Chinese Lunar New Year just around the corner, I want to take this opportunity to wish every one

Good health, good luck and much happiness throughout the year!


Monday, February 2, 2015

itsy bitsy ME! where boys gets unique, stylish clothes!

Ok, so for every reviews I would put a disclaimer at the end of the post to say if the post is sponsored or not.  Well, today I am going to do the opposite.  Today I am going to tell every one right at the begining that this is NOT a sponsored post but I am affiliated with the shop, or rather with the owner, Mei.

Yes, we don't look alike, our personalities are worlds apart but ya lah, she is my sister lah, real life blood related Sister.  Regardless, I will still give my unbiased review on her online shop itsy bitsy ME!.  

So my dear Sis started her online shop some time in 2006 selling babies clothes, accessories etc, it has since moved on to include some good quality chic clothing that are eco friendly and ethically manufactured in limited quantity to reduce wastage, selected brands are made with natural fibre such as organic cotton or bamboo viscose.  Their toys, accessories and everything else in between are made with sustainable materials, contains no harmful ingredients and are designed to be recycled or responsibly disposed of at the end of its life.

Ok, from a Mum of 1 boy, let me ask you a question, how many times have you said or heard your friends commented in exasperation that they have limited choices when it comes to buying clothes for their boys, especially clothes that are as candilicious yummy & colorful as the girls' clothes.  

Well, you must have not seen DinoBoy's wardrobe, he's been wearing clothes from itsy bitsy ME! since he was 3 years old.

(BTW I paid for all the clothes I get from my sis, with the usual 10% discount.  I rarely get it FOC unless its the last piece and out of season for long time.  I don't expect to receive anything FOC, not my style, even with family members.)

Just like DinoBoy's personality, these clothes are colorful, fun, quirky, vibrant and so full of LIFE! The quality of the clothes are so good that the color does not run nor fade even after many many washes in the washing machine. They also did not loose their shape too!  When I showed him the new clothes I got for him, DinoBoy always asked excitedly "Are these clothes from Da Yee's (Aunty in Chinese) shop?!!"  He sure knows good quality stuffs when he sees one!

Did we mention that the clothes are manufactured in limited quantity?  Oh yes we did!  What does that mean or what's so great about that?  Well, there will be lesser chance that your child will bump into another child donned in the same outfit on the street or worse, at a same event!

DinoBoy's latest tops are from 4funkyflavours, I adores their design because its so 50s & so retro with the thick collars, slim-fit cutting, I especially love the contrasting colors on their designs, both in the front and at the back. He look smart in these 2 pieces, definitely a very versatile line of clothes where he can wear for casual play dates or some formal dinner.

4funkyflavours clothes are soft and thick but not too much for our local hot & humid weather, they are definitely value for money.  And of course they are also Oeko-Tex certified; which in layman terms it means they are safe, free from any harmful substances and does not pose any risk on health, otherwise itsy bitsy ME! will not bring them into their store.

Credits : itsy bitsy ME!

Besides 4funkyflavours itsy bitsy ME! also carries Mini Shatsu clothes, for the boys (or parents) who wanted prints that are out of the ordinary, they will fall in love with these collection instantly!

Credits : itsy bitsy ME!

Come All'ye Mums & Dads of boys!!! Save itsy bitsy ME! website in your computer and mobile phones, your boys will NEVER wear uninteresting, dull, boring clothes from now on!  Why not try to impress your friends and relatives this Chinese New Year by dressing them in outfits that are different from the rest?  I guarantee you that besides looking smart & handsome, you boys be the centre of attraction and talk of the town this Chinese New Year that you will be beaming with happiness.

Hop by to itsy bitsy ME! online shop now as they are offering some discounts for purchase of their items.  Both discount codes are valid till 19 February 2015, all terms and conditions applies.

Credits : itsy bitsy ME!

Tell you what, let us, the DinoFamily gives you a headstart, we shall giveaway a SGD10 itsy bitsy ME! store credit to TWO of our lucky readers!


Prize : x2 SGD10 store voucher from itsy bitsy ME!, all terms & conditions applied
Contest Ends : 09 February 2015 @ 2359hrs
Open : WorldWide
How to Enter : Please enter using the Rafflecopter widget below

Terms and conditions of itsy bitsy ME! Voucher are as follow:
- The SGD10 store credit is applicable with a minimum spend of SGD50nett in a single transaction.
- The SGD10 store credit can only be combined with itsy bitsy ME! current promotion of MC20 and FB10, not applicable with other credit, vouchers or discounts. The respective terms of each promotion codes apply.
- The SGD10 store credit is not convertible to cash.
- The SGD10 store credit expires on 26 April 2015.

Terms and conditions of giveaway are as follow:
- To avoid being disqualified without prior notice for the giveaway, please read carefully the following and fulfill ALL the requirements stated;
- Winners will be picked randomly by Rafflecopter widget.
- Winners will have 3 days to respond by replying to our notification email otherwise, a new winner will be picked.
- Only one winner per household.
- Overseas winner will have to pay for all overseas postage charges.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer : Besides being affiliated with management of itsy bitsy ME!, no other form of compensation was received.  All opinions are 100% ours and based on our shopping experience with itsy bitsy ME.  Other then the screenshots take from itsy bitsy ME! website, the DinoFamily reserves the copyright of all the photos in this post.