Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Our 1st Disney On Ice Show + pre-show pointers

*Squeals with excitement* After seeing fellow bloggers being invited to watch Disney On ice for a few years, I am so so so sooooo excited that we were finally being invited too!  This is going to be a memorable March school term break for these 2 kids.  And I think going to any Disney related events or shows are definitely every one's dream comes true!  Adults included of course~

And yes, you can expect to find a arrays of Disney characters merchandise from dolls, to cups, mugs, wands, beautiful trinkets and a whole long list.  We bought a huge packet of candy floss to shared among the 3 kids, it cost a whooping SGD18 and you have a choice to get either Olaf or chameleon hat (I sent the kids to buy the candy floss themselves so not sure who that chameleon character they mentioned).  Yes, I threw the "sugar-rush" rule out of the window, guilty as charged but I bet you will do the same and probably throw many rules out too.  

As we stepped into the indoor stadium, the first thing I look out for was the stage, it was gorgeous and breath taking.  It gave me a feeling that underneath the quietness and serenity, it is all ready to spring out of life with magic and fireworks.  I didn't have a photo of it coz my eyes were taking in all the details of the stage while I was trying not to stumble and tumble down a flight of steps.  I was so mesmerized by it that I have forgotten about whipping out my camera to take that picture.  However, you will have no problem google about that photo from my fellow bloggers' post on this show.

While waiting for the show to start, familiar Disney songs were being played at the background, I don't know about the others but it gets me happy and suddenly I feel like dancing to the songs.  Not long after, the show started, the curtain draws back and a group of skaters came "flying" towards us, making us squeal with delight!

The audience went crazy when the famous mouse couple makes their appearance! Can you hear me scream??? I waved as hard as my arms could and I think I probably blew a couple of kisses to them too.

Now, we all know that Disney On Ice is usually about Princes and Princesses, I was surprised to see the Step Sisters making their appearance, warming the show up at the start.  Well, it was a known fact that they would like to be Princess too but *wink* they really have to learn to be less clumsy and more ladylike.

This year's Disney On Ice - Magical Ice Festival includes The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled and Frozen.  Get ready for a great 2 hours of spectacular entertainment where you will be awed by the awesome stage design and layout, the performance by the energetic, fun loving skaters, the stunning aerobatic acts by main characters.  If you are like me who likes all things bright and beautiful, feast your eyes at their beautiful and exquisite costumes and props. 

Here are some of the photos I took during the show.  There are not fantastic shots, grainy and some may be out of focus too,  That's coz my DSLR died on me 10mins into the show, apparently the charger is not working and the battery was not charged after putting it to charge for few hours.  My digital camera is at least a decade old so it does not work well under low light.  My S4 is acting a little bit ku-ku for months, definitely not reliable.  I'm left with my iPhone which I rarely use, I don't even know its camera function!  Thank goodness I managed to salvage some better photos from these devices *phew*

The Little Mermaid


Beauty and the Beast


I'm sure by now we would have enticed you to want to watch the show, well  tickets for Disney On Ice presents Magical Ice Festival can be purchased online via www.sportshubtix.sg.

All information is correct at the time of publishing but subject to change.
To learn more about Disney on Ice - Magical Ice Festival, please visit http://www.disneyonice-asia.com/magical-ice-festival/

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Before we finishes off the post, let us give you some pre-show pointers;

#1 Arrive early because there will probably be a traffic jam as many cars will try to come into the car park at the same time.  After that you will need to queue outside each entrance as there will be security checks before you enter into Indoor Stadium.
#2 Arrive REAL early IF you want to browse at the merchandise stalls to grab your favourite Disney characters items.  There are bound to be a crowd at the stall so make sure you have ample time to browse and make purchase.  If you really do not have time, don't fret coz you still can buy them during the 15mins interval.
#3 Watch your kids because its dark and there are steps, kids have a tendency of walking without watching where they are going especially when they are attracted by things; in this case -  Elsa and Anna.  You won't want your kids to fall and get injured.
#4 The show is filled with special effects, lighting and sound, some times they can be loud too to your kids. So warn them, especially the younger ones, and prepared them mentally.  There's this little girl sitting in front of us (VVIP Seats), barely 10mins into the show something made her jumped that she screamed and cried so loud constantly for probably the first 30mins.
#5 Do sing along!  Don't be shy!  Everyone's a Disney fan there and I bet no one will be judging your voice. I sang all the songs that I know and was surprised that I knew the full lyrics to Beauty and the Beast songs after so many years!  And yes I even sang Let it Go though I was not thrilled with the song after being bombard with it non stop by the kids singing it years ago.
#6 Do let your inner child come out and have a blast of time! Scream and Ooo~ at your favourite Prince or Princess.  Wave to them, blow kisses to them if you want too because with Disney, you suddenly transform back to little boy or girl at that instant.
#7 Bring along a camera (make sure its fully charged, don't end up like me) to take loads of pictures, just remember NO FLASH is allowed.  You wouldn't want to startled your favourite Belle or Anna with that flash and make them miss their footing while doing some leaping or spinning stunts right?
#8 Last but not least, if you think the performers did a great stunt or dance performance, cheer and clap as loud as you can!  I am sure these will be the best rewards for them, knowing that they have put up their best for a great show to every one.

Alright, NOW you can dash off (with your fingers) to get your tickets online to watch Disney On Ice - Magical Ice Festival. Enjoy and have fun during the show!

Disclaimer : We received 4 tickets to Disney On Ice - Magical Ice Festival from Disney for the purpose of this blog post, no other compensation was received.  All opinions in this post are made by us based on our experience during the show.  All photos in this post, unless otherwise stated, belongs to the DinoFamily, you may not use it without our permission. 


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