Thursday, June 2, 2016

Back to Cold Storage Kids Run for a 2nd time

The 9th Cold Storage Kids Run ended on 22 May 2016, the official event photos are finally out and I can write my post!  Were you at the run too?  We didn't see any familiar faces except for a couple of blogger friends, partly because it was crowded, partly also we were running a little bit late and was trying our best to make our way the gathering area for our flag off.  

This year, the run was again held at The Meadows, Gardens by the Bay, the sky was a little bit gloomy with drizzle that morning.  We were thinking if the event will be cancelled or not but still proceed to the venue as planned.  When we reached there, the venue is crawled with people and you can see some of them with sweaty head and wet tees, a clear sign that they have just finished their run.  Woohoo!!! It is still going on despite the small drizzle.  And this year we have running partners again~

Later we found out that the drizzle earlier in the morning had caused the organizor to delay the start of the event, 1st race started late and the other races were pushed backward too.  We are again pleased with the organisor who are able to keep things under control and going as smoothly.  There were not a sign of unhappiness feelings among the crowd, every one was either having fun at the carnival or hanging around with family & friends taking tons of photos.

Unaware of the delay we reported to the holding area on time and was told we were early, we hang around for a while and were the 1st batch of Happy Grapes to be flagged off.   The volunteers who were standing along the route were very supportive, they were cheering us and giving high-fives to the kids.  

Once again DinoBoy ran ahead and was lost to me within seconds leaving the 3 ladies behind slowly jogging along.  

Photo Credit : Runcapture

Photo edited. Original Photo Credit : Runcapture

DinoBoy did not run all the way till the finish line without waiting for me this year, he was seen waiting by the side of the road looking out for me and will sprinter off when he caught sight of me. 

Photo edited. Original Photo Credit : Runcapture

About 25mins later we finished the 800m run, yay!!! Another medal added to DinoBoy's collection.

Due to the drizzle earlier that day, the weather was cooling, we were still in good spirit after every thing but was definitely famished and have to give the carnival a miss again.  I saw from the official photos that there were many fun activities for the kids but alas...

Next year it will be Cold Storage Kids Run 10th Anniversary!  We can expect it to be the best one yet!  See you next year!

Disclaimer : We were invited to attend the Cold Storage Kids Run 2016 for the purpose of this post where all opinions are 100% our own based on our experience during the event. All photos belongs to the DinoFamily unless otherwise credited, you may not use any of the photos in this post for personal use without seeking permission from us or the relevant parties.


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