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Science Centre Singapore June 2016 Holiday Programs

Last weekend we were over at Science Centre Singapore for a visit again, there are endless fun and new exhibits to explore,it is always a different experience every time.  Let me share with you the 4 places we went this time.

FunFair Maths
Venue : Science Centre Singapore, The Annex Foyer
Ending : 26 June 2016
Entrance : Free (Science Centre Singapore admission charges apply)

FunFair Maths is a travelling exhibition that celebrates the wonders of Mathermatics.  With over 20 interactive and playful exhibits, FunFair Maths will let you slip into world of patterns, shapes and numbers, encouraging you to experience the surprising breadth and variety of Mathematics in a carnival atmosphere.

The point of origin of your journey along the line is the number 0.  All other numbers are measured by how close or far they are from 0.  Just a step away, the number 1 sets the direction and scale of measurement.  Keep taking those same steps to reach all the counting numbers; or back up as well, and you'll encounter all of the integers, the mileposts of the Number Line. - *Math Midway

Are you still with me?  Ok, good.  Are you ready for Squares, Pizza numbers or Cake numbers (YUM!), Tetrahedral number, Factorials, or my favourite; Fibonacci Sequence?

*Math Midway is brought to you by America's only Math Museum, the National Museum of Mathematics

Stand at "Start" to start the challenge to see if you can reach "Goal" without any left turns.  I tried and made it, not without feeling dizzy after all the turning.  Of course this exhibit is not out to give every one a dizzy spell, instead it uses the Graph Theory to show how things interconnect, making us understand complex structure in a simpler way.

What in tarnation is this!!???  Fred Flintstone came to mind when I saw this and I thought it was just an exhibit to show that *ahem* square wheels won't turn.  Well, I am wrong, square wheels DO turn! Just look at DinoBoy with his dramatic expressions while on the tricycle (if I may call them that), I reckon its hard pedaling work too.  Here's a question for you to ponder, why do you think the wheels are of all different sizes?

Maths are a lot more fun than you think,it is more than just numbers, addition, subtraction, division etc, as you can see from 2 of the exhibits below as an example.

Math Unleashed - try winding the leash according to the picture below, taking into consideration the trial to see which one goes first or which one is on top of the other.  Choose which pole to remove to free the do.  Complicated eh?

Miles of Tiles - What does Tessellate mean? It simply means a shape that is repeated over and over again covering a plane without any gaps or overlaps. Look at DinoBoy's creation with the Monkeys and mine with the different shapes with markings.

Butterflies Up-Close
Venue : Science Centre Singapore, Hall D
Ending : Permanent Exhibit
Entrance : SGD10 (Science Centre Singapore admission charges apply)

Butterflies Up-Close is Singapore's first butterfly vivarium and the latest addition to Science Centre Singapore life science offerings as it continues to deliver inspiring science experiences that entertain and engage its visitors.  It is made possible by partnering with Sentosa's Butterfly and Insect Kingdom (BIK).

With various interactive touch points and live displays, Butterflies Up-Close aims to take visitors on a journeyed experience through a butterfly's metamorphosis, while promoting a love for science and nature.

It is a guide tour so pay attention to the guides to learn more about butterflies, there are more than the 4 stages of the butterfly's life cycle.  You will be taken on to an immersive journey through the stages of a butterfly's metamorphosis from egg to adulthood, delivered across five interactive zones augmented by a spectacular up-close experience with more than 500 live butterflies!

Wait! You get to learn a little bit about moth too! Look at this magnificent giant replica of an Atlas Moth.  Do you know how it got it;s name ant that it has the largest wing surface area among moths? 

Before you step into the vivarium, there are a few Dos and Don'ts to keep in mind;

1. As with all animals and insects, do not make loud noise or sudden movements lest your frighten the butterflies.
2. Do follow the guide and listen to their instructions carefully.
3. There will be butterflies flying around so keep a look out and do not be startled when you see one flying towards you or run the other direction screaming your head off (refer to #1)
4. Do not run around chasing the butterflies and definitely do look at where you walk because some butterflies may be resting on the floor.
5. Do not stomp your feet to try to scare the butterflies (grow up please! And stop your younger child if he does that.)
6. Do not try to catch the butterflies by its wings.
7. Do try to stay still and calm if a butterfly lands onto you, it will fly off soon when it finds you uninteresting and no nectar for it to feast.
8. Do not be afraid or fling your arms suddenly to get rid of them, you probably will kill them by doing that.

Another highlight of the tour will be getting up close and personal with the butterflies, under close supervision of the guides of course.  You will be constantly reminded to be gentle with the butterflies as they are delicate creatures.

Note of caution if you want to proceed, butterflies are light creatures, so you will not feel any weight on your hand if one or two of them lands onto your hand.  They are cold blooded insects so their tiny feet may feel cold and since they are light, you will feel ticklish or have tickling sensation when they walk on your hands or arms.  

There are a couple of racks with pupas on it, these are for your eyes only, please do not try to touch them or disturb the butterflies that just emerged and waiting for their wings to dry before they fly off.  Also when you are around that area, be extra careful and watch out for them that are on the ground and can't fly off yet.

Statement from Science Centre Singapore regarding the recent report about ill-treatment & mishandling of butterflies in the vivarium.

Our mission at Science Centre Singapore is to inspire people through the many facets of science. And as you’ve experience with Butterflies Up-Close, we aim to foster appreciation for Life Science by giving visitors an immersive experience and allowing them to get up-close with nature – something that people don’t always have the opportunity to do in Singapore.

The safety of the insects is our priority and this is why, when curating the space and running the exhibition, 2-3 members of staff are always on-ground to supervise the public’s interactions with the butterflies. Visitors are not allowed to touch the butterflies without proper supervision and pupas are for display purposes only, to demonstrate the metamorphosis process. You might have also seen that signs are placed at the entrance of the enclosure to ensure that visitors are aware of our regulations.

Please be assured that the specimens that are used in art work have been preserved by the butterfly farms after their lifespan of about 30 days is over. It is only then that the butterflies are used for art work. We believe this is a wonderful way to memorialise their beauty.

Venue : 21 Jurong Town Hall (besides Science Centre Singapore
Ending : Permanent Exhibit
Entrance : Refer to tickets charges here
(Science Centre Singapore admission charges apply)

KidsSTOP is Singapore's first of its kind science centre for Children where it provides the kids with an edutainment centre for them to Imagine, Experience, Discover and Dream.   With zones such as Built Environment, Flight and Space, The Innovation Lab, Critters, Dino Pit, The Big Dreamer Climber etc the kids will have endless fun and perhaps refuse to leave when it's time to go home.

DinoBoy saw Giant J and wanted to have a feel of free falling like the one you get in roller coaster rides.  I was worried because of the height - 7 meters! but he assured me that he is ok.  Thgough he said he wanted to try 7m but then changed his mind when he is actually up there.  This Mama *ahem* instead of being worried and giving him encouragement, stood there taking video and laughing her head off on her son's predicament.

However I do applause the boy's courage for wanting to dive in to something he had never tried before.  And mind you, the view from below is totally different from the view at the top, ESPECIALLY at 7 meters high.  So, do warn your child about that and if you are a scatty-cat, don't even try it.

KidsSTOP recently unveiled Singapore's first virtual ocean with sea creatures in 3D form as part of its plan to educate children on marine life and on the need to protect and preserve ecosystems.  The Ocean Buddies immersive technology was developed by I-One Group; a homegrown local company) (YAY! Go local!) to enhance learning and playing..

After the short discussion, the kids get to choose an ocean creatures from a list, sit down and color it using Pilot FriXion which incidentally is the world's first pen with erasable ink which is also thermo-sensitive and disappears when subjected to heat of about 65 Deg C.  The guide will then bring the art piece to a scanner (or something, I was distracted and do not know what they actually did), scan it and viola~  the kids will see their personalized sea creatures come "alive" in 3D form on the giant wall projection of a virtual ocean.

Snow City
Venue : 15 Science Centre Road (besides Science Centre Singapore
Ending : Permanent Exhibit
Entrance : Refer to tickets charges here
(Science Centre Singapore admission charges apply)

Snow City opened its door in 2000 as Singapore's only permanent indoor snow center and coldest snow play area, you can expect the indoor temperature to be from -5 to -12 deg C at any time.

Recently it went through a revamp with new snow machine that produce soft, powdery snow and a snow gun to produce crystallized snow, both that creates snow are similar to the real thing.  I am sure these will gives you a smooth ride on the snow slope that every one are rushing to experience over and over again.

Before you go dashing into the enclosure you MUST suite up unless you want to become a popsicle within minutes. Jacket, pants, socks and boots to ensure you have a great time in the sub-zero playground.

With the recent revamp comes new theme of Arcti-like environment that educate visitors on the importance of combating climate change  through new visitor highlights and programmes.

Follow the Arctic Avengers that comprise of Oki the Inuk boy, Ila the Husky, Nooka the Polar Bear Koko the Fox and Suki the Magical Snowy Owl to have a chance to peek into the Inuit lifestyle. 

There is a Storytelling Corner with interactive storytelling sessions of "The Life of the Inuit" and "The Northern Lights".  Together with new installations that includes igloos, Inuit clothes, a snow playground with slides and sculptures and a tree house adventure playground will let you have a taste of the Inuit lifestyle experience.

The new space is also an opportunity to learn about the ways you can do to reduce carbon footprint, global warming is no joke and those ice are melting faster than we expected.  Artic animals are at risk of losing their home pretty soon if we do not do anything to help.  There are tips on ways to combat global warming displayed around the premises.

Do note that photography is not allowed inside Snow City, unless you want to risk your cameras getting mould from the condensation and vapour after you leave the place and forgot to dry the lens or camera.  Plus your hands are too gloved up to press on that tiny shutter knob.

And here we are with our friends from Sengkang Babies and FamilyStaycationSG, where we spent a great time together at Science Centre Singapore.  Read about Sengkang Babies experience on the same day over here; - Science Centre School Holiday Activities 

If you have no plans for this weekend, head down to Science Centre Singapore where I am sure you will definitely learn something new, yes you, the adult, who thinks you know every thing *chuckles*  

There are many exhibits in Science Centre Singapore, check them out here and their admission charges over here.  Here's a great deal, from now till 26 June 2016, get your Explorer Pass and enjoy admission to Science Centre Singapore PLUS any 2 of our attractions 

Terms & Conditions
* Valid for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents only. Each pass has 1-day validity on visit date only.

** Choose from 4 attractions which include Butterflies Up-Close, Human Body Experience, Snow City and Omni-Theatre. KidsSTOP is not included.

Disclaimer : We were invited be Science Centre Singapore to spend half a day at different locations in Science Centre.  We were not required to write about our experience but we had such fun and just have to share it with all of you.   No other compensation was received.  All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not take it for personal use without our permission.


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