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National Geographic Live! Presents : Chasing Ancient Mysteries With Albert Lin

Photo Credit : Mark Thiessen
Following sell out shows in 2015, National Geographic Live ! will return to the Esplanade Concert Hall this August featuring modern day explorer Albert Lin.

A departure from the previous years’ focus on the animal wildlife, Lin’s forays into ancient histories is grounded in a strong scientific and engineering background. He leverages on cutting edge technology and the crowdsourcing platform in his expeditions – from exploring Genghis Khan’s tomb to digging deeper into the 2014 disappearance of a Malaysian jetliner, MH370.

In his well-known project “Valley of the Khans” to seek out the Holy Grail of archaeology conqueror Genghis Khan’s long-lost tomb -Lin illustrated the role of technology in preserving the ‘collective cultural heritage’. Respecting the Mongolian tradition that forbids the physical excavation of burial sites, he challenged the traditional barriers of archaeological methods to exploration with the use of non-invasive, advanced technology and other cutting-edge tools to survey the remote region in central Asia.

Photo Credit : Mike Hennig

A UCSD-trained materials scientist, engineer and appointed Emerging Explorer for National Geographic in 2010; Lin is a pioneer in utilizing modern tools to test and push the frontiers of exploration and seek answers to long-standing questions in History and Geography. A rare find in his field, Lin is an advocate of the power of the people and the crowdsourcing platform.

Join this boldly imaginative young explorer live on stage, as he reports on his latest findings in Mongolia and elsewhere and discover how technology is opening up new frontiers for exploration.

“Exploration has always been about going where we haven't been able to go before. Today, technology helps us navigate past those old barriers” - Albert Lin

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Let's get to know more about Dr Albert with this simple interview.  Also, click here to know more about Chasing Ancient Mysteries with Albert Lin

1. What was your passion as a child? Did your parents encourage you to pursue your passion/desire?
As a child I wanted to be a park ranger, I have always been fundamentally at home in the mountains. At an early age my parents encouraged that by constantly supporting my path into the wilderness, if not through camping trips then through climbing lessons. Then there was the addition of wonder that was brought into all aspects of the wilderness with the scientific world of my father’s astrophysics carrier. This was a natural recipe to become a lifelong explorer.

2. What is your key lesson and takeaway for you from all your exploration journeys, especially to the remote locations?
Always bring Tabasco sauce... joking. Actually, honestly, I have repeatedly been surprised at how my limitations in imagination have been blown away by reality. The world is much more diverse and beautiful than I could predict, and every single journey has confirmed that.

Photo Credit  ;Ben Horton

3. Which cultures do you have the most interest in?
Simple – all.

4. How has your experience been in sharing the story of the Valley of Khans for years, to different cities and nationalities across the globe?
Having had the honour to travel and share my experiences across Europe, Africa and Asia, I have realized that the story is really about the human experience (both Genghis Khan’s and ours today), and the power of this global tribe that we call – humanity.

5. How has technology changed the idea and concept of exploring and expeditions?
It’s a continuous evolution, but the most exciting things for me is the role that the global community can play in exploration. In the past century, scientific curiosity and exploration was a privilege of the rich. Now we are connected in a way to more information and resources then in any time in human history, I think we are only at the beginning of how we engage our networked connectivity to change the landscape of how science and exploration is conducted.

6. What else can Singaporeans look forward to from your upcoming talk this 30th August 2016?
From all the experiences and adventures, ultimately it boils down to the reminder that we are actually JUST NOW entering into the great age of exploration.

Photo Credit : Erik Jepsen

Chasing Ancient Mysteries with Albert Lin
Date: 30 August 2016, Tuesday
Time: 7.30pm
Venue: Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, Concert Hall
Ticketing details: Tickets are priced from $39

“We have to decide why progress is important. Is it to create things that could make us obsolete, or is it to create tools to help us become more human?” - Albert Lin

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