Tuesday, August 2, 2016

This is how I celebrate my birthday

Yes, I know I declared that I don't like to celebrate my birthday because it's a waste of money (to spend on me), I am usually doing the planning and celebrating FOR others so it gets kinda awkward when the attention is on me.  However, its exceptional this year as I am celebrating it with 3 other August babies on the same day~

01 Aug - ME!
03 Aug - little niece
12 Aug - DinoBoy 
17 Aug - C

Days before DinoPapa said he will cook dinner for all of us and asked me "What do you want to eat?  I'll cook for you."  I wanted to say "CHILLI CRAB!!!" but decided not too coz it's just too much work! I told him that I will think about it and let him know, well it slipped our mind till that very day where the dinner was supposed to be!  Gosh~ So we sat down and did a quick meal planning and 20mins later, with a grocery list in phone, I headed off to the supermarket to gather all the necessary ingredients.

All the dishes below, except for the curry chicken and stir fried veggie are done by me and my brother respectively, the rest are cooked by DinoPapa (told you #myhusbandisagreatcook already).  Oh there is one dish that is missing, I forgot to take photo of the fruit salad prawns.  So you see, we really had a feast that day.

I mentioned once long time ago that my Mum's Sichuan veggie soup is "red red in color and its not too salty nor spicy".  He tried to re-create it but was not successful coz we did not have a chance to ask Mum the steps to cook that soup when she was around.  Even if we had asked she would have said "just wash, soak a bit, put into the pot to boil with pork ribs lah."  You know how Mums are like the Ultimate Goddess of Chef who cook the best yummiest dishes in our life and they never really have a recipe with exact ingredients and measuring to pass on to us?  Sigh...  nevertheless, the Sichuan veggie soup is still tasty in its DinoPapa's way.

Photo of half eaten dish coz forgot to take photo when it was served earlier

All the guests had a great time digging into the lip smacking, finger linking food, I caught them off guard with an welfie request, every one scrambled to try to fit into the frame (plus ensuring no food in or around mouth lol).

Old School birthday girl prefer old school bakery brand Swee Heng (as of 11 July 2016, they are Halal certified eatery) and The Friend bought it just for me hahaha~  

Such a beautiful chocolate cake and they wants to "destroy" it by insisting on putting 40 candles; 3 big candles and 10 small candles, onto the cake....  Sorry cake for "defacing" you but this makes blowing out the candles so much more fun for 1 Big kid and 3 kids!

Why funny faces means sticking out tongue huh?

Judging from every one's look while eating the cake, you can tell that every one approves of it. The Older Nephew is the happiest coz that's his favourite kind of cake; chocolate, double chocolate or even triple chocolate cake, needless to say he had 2 slices of it.

Ask me how do I feel at the end of that day and I will tell you "of course happy lah!", would you be too?  Doesn't matter that I look unglam with messy hair and sweaty face, what's most important is that I shared that special day with 3 Fs - Food, Family, Friends.  What's more, the ingredients for the feast is only SGD70.42, the cake probably about SGD38, SGD100+ for a birthday celebrate for so many people, so worth it!

I was stuffed full with satisfaction from the delish food, exploding from the love from family and friends, what more can an old auntie ask for? 


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