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Lemon Butter Sage Fish in Parchment Paper

This post has been sitting in the DRAFT folder for too long!  I thought I published it but darn... the brain played a trick on me again.  So a few months ago many of you saw a similar photo of the dish I posted then and has been asking questions about the dish and also for the recipe. Today I shall satisfy every one and share how to make that simple healthy spaghetti in under 30mins.

You know I have a small balcony garden with a few pots of herbs, one of them is sage.  This pot has been with us for 2 years, I bought a packet of sage from supermarket because I wanted to me make Jaime Oliver's Baked Chicken in Milk.  I have left over and I just stick a couple of them into the soil, just trying to see if they survive or not.  Did not think much about them but weeks later I found that 1 of them did not wither and die but instead grow bigger and stronger.  2 years later its a thriving plant with lotsa sage leaves.  Truth to be told I rarely use sage coz I am not familiar with this herb thus not sure what to cook with it.  Earlier this year I decided to do justice to it and searched for recipes that uses sage.  Some of them are difficult to make and some are easy such as this Lemon Butter Sage Fish in parchment paper dish which I am going to introduce to you.

You can use any fish as long as the meat is firm, we used tilapia fillet which can be found easily at the frozen seafood section in supermarket.  They don't cost a bomb too, I have bought 2 brands so far costing $4.95 and $6.50 respectively, the only difference between the 2 brands are the size of the fillet, both fillet tasted fresh and sweet with no muddy taste.  Just take a look at them, freshly out of the oven and into the serving pot (I don't have a big enough bowl to hold 8 fillets thus have to use my corning ware), fishes are broken into pieces because I was clumsy when removing them from parchment paper.

While I love the lemon buttery taste of the sauce, from their feed back on the dishes I prepared I secretly think that the rest of the family does not share the same sentiments.  Well, too bad for them, they have to eat whatever I bring out from the kitchen, that's the great part of being the one doing the cooking.  No one will ever have any opinions on the food you dished out, also partly because I cook decent food that taste good.  Can you feel that I am praising myself? Yes and not shy about it too hahaha!

This dish takes about 10mins to prepare for the fast hand (of course defrosting of the fish does not count lol)  and another 10mins (approx) to cook, great for weekdays dinner.  Since fish goes well with anything, we decided to have it with cream sauce spaghetti.  No greens on the side coz no one wanted them, its ok, lesser work for me.

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* 2 fish fillets (such as salmon, tilapia, halibut or barramundi)
* 1 lemon, sliced
* 2 tablespoon of butter
* 5 to 6 sage leaves
* sea salt
* ground pepper

1. Preheat oven at 200Deg
2. Lay a piece of parchment paper big enough to wrap up the fish fillets, fold it into half and make a crease line in the middle, open it up.
3. Place the fillets on the parchment paper, slightly off centered.
4. Put the butter on top of the fillets, add in the sliced lemon, sprinkle some sea salt and pepper to taste.
5. Bring the other side of the parchment paper over to cover the fillets, start folding the sides in and ensure that it is tightly folded.
6. Put into the fish on a baking tray and into the oven to bake for 10mins.  baking time depends on the thickness of the fillet.
7. When its done, cut open the parchment paper and serve the fish.

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