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The Great Moscow Circus Singapore 2018

Boasting the world’s most dangerous and death-defying acts, including the Wheel of Death and the Motorbike Sphere of Fear, THE GREAT MOSCOW CIRCUS sees the mighty red and white circus big top transformed into an astonishing, high octane, fun-filled entertainment destination.
The above was taken from The Great Moscow Circus website and truth to those words, it was an absolutely stunning and magnificent show ever!  We know it because we were there on their opening night on 25 October 2018!  Be prepared to sit at the edge of your seat, feeling tensed, excited and experiencing moments where your heart is in your mouth.  And remember cheer your lungs out for the great performance by all the superstar artists~

This circus is THE talk of the town because it is back after its last appearance here a decade ago, bringing along 16 acts from Russia and beyond!  So all eyes are on the artists who are expected to give their best during the 2 hours show (excluding 15mins of interval).  We were not disappointed!

On that day, we went to the circus feeling excited and full of anticipation, here's us with our exited grin, posing in front of the Big Top Tent.

Look who I spot while strolling in after clearing the security post?  My favourite local artist Ms Zoe Tay doing an interview and posing for photo with a few circus artists.

After snapping that photo we proceeded further in to take photos with some of the props around the small area.  Now that DinoBoy is older, he doesn't like to pose in front of photo props or wall, but he will do it to "entertain" this Mama thus we only have this one photo to share.

We quickly went into the tent and settled down on our seats while waiting patiently for the show to start. We were sitting near the ring entrance, sort of the back of the ring, we realized that we aren't getting the best view of the ring, this means that we will be looking at the back of the artists most of the time *bummer*.  Due to this reason we will only share with you videos and photos of best shots we took on that day.  Nonetheless, there are a handful of bloggers who attended the opening night, they are seated at different part of the ring so do a search and you will be able to see some of the other acts that we did not post here.

So, let's go!  Take a look at some of the acts you will be seeing at The Great Moscow Circus!

Stars from TV show 
You probably watched how Britain’s Got Talent contestant Sascha Williams with his Rolla Bolla balancing act and America’s Got Talent contestant Sixto and Lucia with their quick changing of clothes act stunned the judges, now you have a chance to see them up close and personal. 

Here's Sascha and part of his act on that day, or rather the back view of him (lol).  Now you understand our "plight"?

I have always like the wardrobe changing act since I was young and will glue my eyes to the TV to see if I can catch any flaws or see any loopholes during the act.  I never once managed to catch it, they change the clothes in a fraction of nano seconds.  In Sixto and Lucia's act they pulled it off without a hitch, a few shakes of the curtains and VOILA~ clothes changed!

The Catwalk Trampoline
The show started off with these acrobats jumping off the huge transparent structure onto the 2 huge trampoline to the upbeat music brought us immediately into an anticipating mood.  They wowed us with their acrobatic stunts, bouncing gracefully and effortlessly onto the trampoline in somersaults and flip while nimbly weaved through the structure. Bravo act!

Wheel of Death 
When these double giant wheels or Wheel of Death were pushed out into the ring, every one was in awe!  After they finally secured it and started to raise these wheels up I had a feeling that I am watching an Autobot transforming right before my eye!  I was too excited beyond words that I forgot to take a video of the process.

Here's a teaser of their act in the 2nd video, looks simple and easy but we were already cheering out loud for them (yupe that mad wow-ing was us in the background), wait till the acrobats get to the climax of their act, you will be so light headed from watching their dangerous stunts!

Globe of Death 
If the double wheels are Autobots than this 6.5 ton of steel, The Globe of Death feels mighty and indestructible like Jaegers in Pacific Rims. Just look at how it make its way out into the ring in a painstakingly slow pace.  This metal cage has to be a strong and sturdy to withstand the sheer speed and force caused by 5 motorcycles zipping round and round in high speed.

I didn't managed to catch all their act on video, this partial video was all I got and it definitely did not do justice to it.  You really have to be there on site to feel the adrenaline rush and the nail biting danger these riders went through.  

A note of caution, from where we were siting we can smell a strong whiff of petrol during and after the act, it wasn't choking but just an irritate to the nose.

Mega Skippers 
Some of us are skipping the rope as a form of exercise, we know it is takes a lot of stamina and persistent to continue skipping for that long to burn off some fats in our body. Imagine having to perform stunts while skipping to at least two ropes at the same time!

In this series of photo below you can see The Mega Skippers jumping with THREE ropes!  Not only do they have to swing the rope around for other team mates to jump, they have to jump to another rope too.  Amazing!

The Mega Skippers makes skipping as a big group looks so easy but we know that timing and coordination is an important factor, I bet they have to keep their eyes glued to a few things to ensure they don't mess up the act.

The Contortionist 
The only act that I can't bear to watch is The Contortionist.  I mean, it is one thing to be ultra flexible physically but it is another thing when a person can dislocate joints from all parts of his body easily and strike a pose with it. 

Here you can see The Contortionist coming out from what seems like a 2 feet fish tank to me.  How could some one so tall and *ahem* handsome fit himself into that small space???  This act was, as DinoBoy said "too cringingly painful to watch" thus I did not take any more photos or video after this short clip.  If you want to see more, go search for his act in the web, you will definitely be able to find some video of it.

The Ringmaster and the Clowns
The most important people in a circus is not the acrobats or jugglers, it is the Ringmaster and the clowns.  The Ringmaster plays an important role to keep the show going on smoothly and introducing the act before it starts.  Moscow Circus Ringmaster Stanislav Knyazkov did a wonderful job on that, together with his sidekick Vas  the funniest clowns Dmitry Shindrov and Bella, they kept the audience entertained with their witty act and the atmosphere lighthearted  in between acts or while equipment are being set up.

Stan and Vas

Dmirty and Bella
Everyone should go to the Moscow Circus
What makes The Great Moscow Circus a show not to be missed besides death-defying and daredevil stunts is that each act was performed without any safety rope attached to the artists nor safety net below them to "catch" them in case they miss a step and fall.  Such daring move only meant that the artists have absolute confidence in themselves and their team mates to execute their acts in 100% perfection.

Be captivated, charmed and wowed by jugglers, illusionist, bad ass bikers, aerial acrobats and clowns.  These amazing artists either come from generations of circus performers or are international performers. 

Dance to the lively music performed by a 3 man live band, which is something you rarely see in most circus.  The band provide music to all the acts throughout the 2 hours show, they even had a snippets of interactive performance with the Ringmaster. 

If like me, you have excitedly watched circus only on TV or internet you will be thrilled to see them in real life!  Trust me, nothing beats seeing these astounding performances happening right in front of your own eyes!

A truly fun-filled show that the whole family will enjoy, not forgetting making it a memorable day for every one. DinoBoy and I were cheering and screaming in excitement on top of our voice throughout the whole 2 hours.  This just show what great performance these superb artists gave!

Grab your tickets before it is SOLD OUT!

About the Big Top Tent
Wipe the image of a HUGE breath taking Big Top that you saw in the movies, or in other circus you have seen in real life, The Moscow Circus Big Top Tent is nothing of that sort.  It probably look tiny as compared to those tents.  However, the size of the tent does not mean compromising of sitting comfort and viewing pleasure.

The full air conditioned BIG TOP TENT stands at a circumference of 40m and about 18.5m high, the seats are elevated, and tiered, enough space to guarantee that when you raise your arms to cheer you do not land your elbow on your neighbour's head *ouch*.

The fully air-conditioned tiered tent can accommodate 1,600 people a show, with no audience member being more than 11m from the action in the ring.
- Straits Times

Even though the Big Top Tent promises a good view for every one but there will be some seats with restricted view either because of the steel poles that holds up the tent or the seating arrangement.  We were seated at Section G and there was a steel pole on our right (as you can see in our videos) we pretty much have a small window to watch some of the acts.

Take a look at the seating plan below and decide which section you want to get. If you have the money to spare and wanted a once in a life time experience of watching the act up close and personal then I strongly suggest that you go for ringside seats.

Seating Plan taken from SISTIC

Things to do before heading to the Big Top Tent

  • Have you dinner first unless you can survive on expensive popcorn and drinks for the next 2.5 hours.
  • Visit the little boys or little girls rooms at Marina Bay Convention Centre; unless you don't mind doing your business in those portable toilet that can be found near the Snacks Bar.
  • The air condition system in the Big Top Tent is strong, you may need a jacket if it gets too chilling for you but I doubt so because you will be too pumped up with adrenaline to feel the cold.

Things to note

  • Infant in arms and children below 3 years old may be admitted without a ticket.  Patron 3 years and above must purchase a ticket for entry
  • Show starts on the dot at 7.30pm so arrive early to avoid missing part of the act.
  • No Flash Photography, Video recording and Audio recording are permitted for this event.
  • No outside food or drinks allowed

Show Details
The Mighty Big Top,
Bayfront Avenue,
next to Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Show Date
25 October 2018 to 25 November 2018

Show time
Tue - Fri: 7.30pm
Sat & Public Holidays: 12pm & 4pm
Sun: 11am & 3pm

Tickets Pricing
Standard : S$155, S$145, S$135, S$115, S$95, S$85, S$65
Child [3 to 12 years old]* : S$135, S$125, S$105, S$85, S$75, S$55
Senior Citizen [60 years and above]: S$135, S$125, S$105, S$85, S$75, S$55
Restricted View : S$85, S$65
Restricted View (Child) [3 to 12 years old]* : S$75, S$55
Restricted View (Senior Citizen) [60 years and above] : S$75, S$55

Online Booking
Visit SISTIC for booking

Disclaimer : We were invited to the opening night of The Great Moscow Circus by Sliding Doors Entertainment for the purpose of this post, no other compensation were received. All photos and videos in this post belongs to The Dino Family, you may not use them without our prior permission.  All opinions in this post are 100% ours and based on our experience during the show.


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