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Healthy yet Delightful Cakes from whYZee

Every business started out with a reason, it could be social or it could be personal. For whYZee I guess it's a bit of both.  

A passion to bake and a burning desire to share their bakes to every one spurred this couple Y & Z to start a bakery and named it after their initials - whYZee.  I haven't had the honor of meeting this couple so I really do not know their full name, but that is not important, we could instead focus on their bakery creations to know something about them because as an artist every creation tells a story.

Screenshot taken from whYZee facebook
Gone are the days where shops offer only specific items or services, now its all about "one-stop" concept.  What makes whYZee stands out like a beautiful crane amongst the fowl?

Bakes for all occasions & season
At whYZee they specialize in cakes for all occasions; bachelor/bachelorette party,wedding, birthday, graduation, Mum's Day, Dad's Day, you name it, they can get that cake for that special celebration.  They do seasonal bakes too; Christmas, Chinese New Year and I hear they are making mooncakes too.  Check out their cheese cakes, swiss rolls and cupcakes too!

All ingredients used are of premium quality to guarantee not only the freshness of their cakes but their delicious taste as well.  All cakes are made from scratch in the bakery and sold fresh daily.

Celebrating someone's birthday soon?  Check out whYZee's birthday cakes~

Customization to Perfection
Years passed, changes occurred to every thing big and small, us included. We no longer wish to have a cake design that has been chosen by others to celebrate that special occasion, we want a unique cake design that speaks about our love for the special person.  Speak to whYZee, I read that their staffs are friendly and helpful so they should answer all you gazzillion questions, requests and requirements.  Take a look at their photo in their facebook page to catch glimpse of a few customized cakes.

Do remember to treat them with the same respect and manner they have shown you because sometimes discussion gets miscommunication or misunderstood and friction arises.  Take a breather and start again.  Happy cakes for happy celebrations!

Eggless? No problem!
For those who simply adore cakes but with the dreaded egg allergy or have a special dietary restriction, look here~ You can start enjoying them without any worries.  whYZee promised that they will not shortchange nor compromise the taste of their eggless cakes thus you will taste an eggless cake that has both light and moist texture, with buttery or choclatey or other flavour of your choice.

OMG!!! I love to sink my teeth into that Triple Dark Chocolate Eggless Vegan cake!  See more about their eggless cakes here.

Screenshot taken from whYZee website
Plus Point - Islandwide Last Minute Cake Delivery*
Forgot someone special's birthday, an anniversary, important event?  Never mind, whYZee is here to rescue you.  Place a last minute cake delivery order online here and get them delivered to you 4 hours later.  

Tight on time?  Don't panic, give whYZee a call at 9773 2434 and have them deliver your cake 2 hours later.  

Still short on time?  Aiyoh, so busy??!! Quickly head down to their shop at 352 Clementi Ave 2, #01-109 Singapore 120352 to pick up one of their beautiful cake for your party.

So far every one's giving thumbs up for this service.

*Not applicable for customized cakes. Delivery fees apply*

Major Major MAJOR PLUS POINT - Healthy yet Delightful
Let's admit it, we love cakes but hate the sweetness that sometimes comes with it.  Most of the time we have "internal argument" with ourselves saying "that little bit of sweetness won't cause any harm." or "just a few mouthful should be ok", however every time we do that we expose ourselves to health risks.

At whYZee, one of their goal is creating healthy cakes that are low in sugar but yet taste as delightful for all.  The sugar for their cakes and buttercream are reduced by about 60%-70% of the original amount required, they do not replace sugar by adding more artificial flavors or essence.

Having said that, do note about the sugar can be found naturally in food in other forms such as glucose, fructose, galactose, lactose, maltose and sucrose too.  That is why some customers feedback that whYZee banana loaf is sweet but that's due to the natural sweetness from banana.  So do exercise care when choosing the cakes if you need to control your sugar intake.

Here's a look at their healthy bakes.

Note : If you are still concern check with whYZee on the exact ingredients used in making your cake.

Taste Test
Enough of the introduction *excitement* let's tuck into whYZee cake!!!

I didn't request for any particular cake, instead I just tell them to send one my way for my birthday and I received a rustic 6" Vanilla Cream Cheese Cake (approx 1.3kg, UP SGD45.50, prices varies with each cake depending on size and decoration) in peachy-pink hue! 

Here's looking at the "inside" of the cake.  A three-tier cake with vanilla filling in between.  The cream cheese buttercream coating looks just right, we were expecting to see a thicker layer like we usually see on other cakes.

The vanilla sponge cake was spongy, light and moist.  The buttercream does not feel heavy, I purposely took a mouthful of the frosting flower to see if I have that jelak or overwhelmed feeling but I did not experience that.  It was quite pleasant tasting the buttercream, plus it sends a tinge taste of cream cheese at the back of my tongue as I run it around my mouth.

As for sweetness, I find it just right and to my liking but DinoPapa and DinoBoy said its sweet for them.  That is perfectly right because every one's got different taste bud and preference.  Don't let my comment turn you away from whYZee, I read that whYZee allows you to do a tasting of their cake at their shop.   Take this opportunity and head down to their shop to taste it, let them the level of sweetness you prefer for the cake you will be ordering from them.

The next time you have a celebration that needs a cake that is easy on the pocket and better for your health, order that cake from whYZee, so that every one can indulge in that cake without any worries.

*** *** ***
About whYZee
whYZee Pte Ltd was established in 2017 by a couple who are extreme cake enthusiasts from young. Their initials were Y and Z thus the name of the company. As both their parents were diabetic, one main focus of the company is to create healthier bakes while not compromising on the taste. 

whYZee specializes in seasonal cakes and different occasion of cakes ranging from our famous Swiss Rolls to Birthday Cakes and Eggless Cakes. All ingredients used are of premium quality with no artificial flavoring or coloring.  We guarantee not only the freshness of our cakes but their delicious taste as well.

Location : 352 Clementi Ave 2, #01-109 Singapore 120352
Telephone : +65 9773 2434
Operating Hours :8.30am – 6.30pm (weekdays), 8.30am – 12.30pm (weekends), 24 hours for online purchase

*** *** ***

Alright good friends of The DinoFamily, we are honored that whYZee choose us to share their yet to launch product - Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cupcakes with you in our giveaway.  You will be able to get them online and in store sometime in mid August 2019.  

Scroll further to see ways to enter our giveaway and strictly adhere to the requirements if you want those Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cupcakes.

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Giveaway Details
Prize : 6 red velvet cream cheese cupcakes to 3 lucky winners
Collection of Prize : Cupcakes to be collected within a month from 18 August 2019
Contest Ends : 18 August 2019 @ 2359hrs
Open : Singapore
Terms and conditions of giveaway are as follow:
- To avoid being disqualified without prior notice for the giveaway, please read carefully the following and fulfill ALL the requirements stated;
- Winners will be picked randomly.
- Winners will be notified in their Facebook and Instagram shared post so remember to share your posts as "Public".
- Winners will have 48 hours to respond by replying to our notification otherwise, a new winner will be picked.
- Only one winner per household.
- Prize is fixed and cannot be change nor transferable.
- This giveaway is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook and Instagram.

How to Enter:
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Disclaimer : whYZee sent their delicious cake for my birthday for the purpose of this post, no other forms of compensation were received. All opinions are 100% ours and based on our taste test of their cake. All photos in this post unless otherwise credited, are copyrighted and belongs to the DinoFamily, you may not use any of the photos for any purposes without seeking our approval.


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