Monday, July 20, 2020

Sushi, Premium food that is easy on the pocket

During the Covid19 pandemic, the new norm is to wear a face mask the minute you step out of the house.  The next new norm is to tabao or pack food from eatery to eat at home. These are the measures our government has enforced to minimize the chances of contacting and spreading the virus.

Thus, most of us spend our time confined in our home while we patiently try to ride the virus out. 

Food has always been a source of comfort and distraction for most of Singaporean, we gather to have a feast to celebrate an event, or chomping down on comfort food hoping that it will heal our broken heart, or enjoying that fine dining cuisine just because, or snuggling up on the sofa with our favourite snack while watching the movie on our big screen tv. 

It is without doubt that we are doing more munching during this Covid19 Circuit Breaker period.  As time passes, we started to get tired of cooking the same dishes or eating the same food from the same stalls/restaurants around our neighbourhood.  We suddenly crave for new delicacies and cuisine but that famous char kuay teow just will not deliver to us because we are outside their delivery range. *dang!*

Feeling a pang of sadness, unhappiness and deprived of food, (hahaha!) we troll the web or facebook to see which restaurants or stalls in hawker centre from the other parts of town are able to deliver food to our area.  Our taste bud needs to taste something new and interesting to make us feel alive again! 

Then one day in June 2020, dear sis called me to ask if I want to have sushi for dinner, apparently she found a Japanese restaurant that serves almost every thing; from sashimi, to sushi, donburi, bento boxes and appetizers.  And they deliver to our area too! 

So, on that particular day, we eagerly ordered our food online at Sushi Delivery and waited patiently for it.  An hour later, no sign of food, I sent a whatsapp message to the phone number provided in their website, below is the screenshot of our message.  

Though it was delivered slightly later, we were expecting luke warm food or messy sushi during the delivery transit but that did not happen, our donburi was warm, the sushi and maki arrived intact, looking appetizing and appealing.

With such a positive experience with them, when we were approached to do a food review on their food, we agreed to it without hesitation.

On the day that the food was to be delivered, we were excited because we didn't place any order nor was told what has been arranged for us.  I was worried that the food will not be enough and wrote my concern to the PR company who assured me that the food will be more than enough for both of us.

It was indeed more than both of us can stomach!  We were stuffed and couldn't finish every thing!

Here are the food Sushi Delivery sent over to us.

Kani Salad @ SGD 6.90

Chuka Kurage @ SGD4.00

Kappa Maki (1 roll) @ SGD3.90

Champion Maki (8pcs) @ SGD10.90

Champion Floss Maki (8pcs) @ SGD15.90

Yam Net Sponge Roll (5pcs) @ SGD5.90

Shrimp Croton (5pcs) @ SGD4.90

Tako Yaki (5pcs) @ SGD4.90
Our Food Tasting
Since we weren't given a choice to choose our food, some of the items appealed to us and some did not.

The Kani Salad was packed with ice pack thus it was chilled when it arrived, love the generous serving of shredded crab stick and roe.

There was also a ice pack underneath the Chuka Kurage keeping it chill and fresh.  This has always been DinoBoy's favourite and he ate the larger share of it.

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, we are not fans of fried food so Shrimp Croton and Tako Yaki rank the lowest among the list.  I have never like the taste of bonito flakes and will patiently picks them out of dishes if needed.   According to DinoBoy, croton is crispy and he could taste the shrimp inside, octopus was fresh and chewy too.

However the Yam Net Sponge Roll was a winner though, the crispy on the outside with right amount filling of the not so sweet yam paste on the inside.  I don't think I sse this being served in the Japanese restaurants or sushi bars we frequently patronize so this is something new and refreshing to us.

The highlight of the meal was the maki.  We prefer Futomaki to tekkamaki so Kappa Maki did not appeal to us.

What makes a good maki?  The quality and grade of the rice used must be good.  The rice must be seasoned and cooked to perfection; not too over or under cooked, too much vinegar and it spoils the who dish.  Maki must be tightly rolled to keep the ingredients inside together, imagine picking up a piece of maki and have all the ingredients raining down from it, leaving a food trail.  That will totally spoil my appetite and mood.

With Sushi Delivery and their team of Japanese Itamae or Head Sushi Chefs, the above will never happen!

The California Maki is a common maki with avocado, crab stick, tamago, Japanese cucumber wrapped with nori seaweed, sushi rice and coated with tobiko or flying fish roe.  The only highlight of this is probably the fish roe.  It's salty taste and crunchy texture makes a whole lot of difference to the maki.

Sushi Delivery's Champion California Maki is coated with a generous layer of tobiko, every bite is a burst of happiness as we chew on the tobiko, the maki seems to be dancing in our mouth.

However, with their Champion Floss Maki, we couldn't decide whether we love it or not.  Made with teriyaki chicken, crunchy Japanese cucumber, Parmesan cheese and nori seaweed on the inside, drizzled with nacho cheese, floss and tobiko on the outside.  It definitely is a savoury dish and perhaps too much of it?  It is like an load-full of the flavours in the mouth that it confuses the taste bud.  We were frowning and making funny expressions - no joke ont that, while chewing the maki.

I tried having it with and without dipping it into the wasabi and soy sauce.  A mistake with the wasabi sauce, it just tasted weird. So I suggest leaving that out when you eat the Champion Floss Maki. 

Strange as it may be to us, we suggest you give it a try as taste can be subjective to individual, you probably love them better than we do.

Our Conclusion
Judging from the positive comments I wrote at the start of this post. you would have guessed right that we gave two thumbs up for Sushi Delivery.  We still give them two thumbs up after this food review though there were hits and misses because we totally enjoyed their food.

Using only premium shortgrain rice from Miyagi in Japan and daily air flown Ikejime processed fresh fish from Hokkaido and Tsukiji, plus food being prepared upon receiving order and under the scrutiny of the Itamae, quality of the food is guaranteed to be fresh and top notch.

Their 7 outlets strategically located all over Singapore means that food will be delivered within the one hour time slot.  

Unless unforeseen circumstances happened like our first encounter with Sushi Delivery.  The Covid19 virus was spreading fiercely and it was the start of Circuit Breaker, most of us feared to venture out of the safety of our home, thus delivery orders surged, delivery crew and companies were overwhelmed leading to delays in fulfilling orders.

Having tried their food twice, I think we qualify to vouch that Sushi Delivery is a restaurant that you can patronize when you need to satisfy the craving for sashimi or a warm bowl of donburi.  Their premium quality food at affordable prices is definitely a plus point.

If you want venture away form your usual Japanese restaurants or sushi bar for a refreshing dining experience you definitely have to go for Sushi Delivery.

Can't decide what to have for your first order?  Simply check out their Chef Recommendation, you can never go wrong with that.

Incidentally, Sushi Delivery ranks #1 in the recent Best in Singapore food review, you can read about it here.

Yupe, ready to try Sushi Delivery? Place your order over here.  They have a minimum order of SGD60 for free delivery, otherwise its a flat SGD5.90 delivery fee applies.

Remember to follow them on their instagram and facebook page to receive their latest promotion and deals.

Bon appetit~ and remember to Stay Home, Stay Safe during the Circuit Breaker period!

Disclaimer : We received food from Sushi Delivery for the purpose of reviewing and this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are based on our food tasting of Sushi Delivery food. All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not use them without asking for our permission.


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