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Pizza Delivery SG - Handcrafted Italian Pizza just a click away!

Pizza - a typically flatten bread dough spread with a savory mixture usually including tomatoes and cheese and often other toppings and baked in the oven.

You can have your pizza using the knife and fork or with your hands.

You can enjoy pizza with your family and friends, in the restaurant, in the comfort of your home, at work, in school after class/after sports, watching sports matches/movie marathons, during birthday parties/graduation/special occasions/Christmas/New Year and many more!

You can have a slice of pizza for breakfast, lunch, dinner or whenever you feel like having it.

You can have your pizza any where, any time.

Truth is, you either love or hate pizza.

Let us introduce a pizzeria for your consideration in case you get tired with your usual pizza joint.  Pizza Delivery SG is a local online pizza delivery company that serves artisan-styled pizza and pasta on demand.  That means they only start to bake their pizza when they received the order.  Some of you may be familiar with Pizza Delivery SG since it was listed as one of the Best Pizza deliveries over at Best In Singapore site.

Give Pizza Delivery SG a try, I can't guarantee that you will fall in love with it but I guarantee you that the next time you want to order pizza, Pizza Delivery SG will be among your top pizzeria list.

Check out their menu here later
Pork Pepperoni Pizza

Beef Salami Pizza

Crispy Chicken Wings

Mozarella Cheese Stick

Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti

Squid Ink Linguine
Our Food Tasting
We had 2 adults and 2 kids that day so I went ahead to order Pizza Delivery SG Hearty Festa that cost SGD50 and comes with two 12" pizza, 6pcs mozzarella cheese sticks and 6pcs crispy chicken wings.  I added a Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti @ SGD18.90 and a Squid Ink Linguine @ $26.90  just to have a taste of their pasta.
Since kids love pizza more than adults, we let them decide on the pizza, and they made a good choice on Pork Pepperoni and Beef Salami.  These 2 pizzas are new to me coz I am not a pizza lover and I only order the most common Hawaiian pizza or some chicken pizza from the usual pizzeria chain.

Having only eaten pizza from the one and only pizzeria that be found in most malls (you guys probably know which one I am referring to), the thin pizza tasted great to me.  I could eat 3 slices instead of the usual 1.5 pieces since I wasn't stuffed up full by the thick dough. While the crusty edge adds the crunch, the smoky taste from pepperoni and salami adds flavour to the whole pizza. refreshing taste for me.

We all agreed that the pepperoni was salty and it could do a lesser bit of salt which will made the pizza tastier.

I love the colorful Chicken Alfredo Spaghetti with its velvety cream sauce.  I like that they give a generous portion of shitake mushrooms and capsicums.  One negative review is the chicken pieces.  They looked and tasted like they have pan fried the chicken pieces before adding them into the pasta, some of the chicken pieces had dried up surface and we had a hard time chewing it.

Truth to be told, the Squid Ink Linguine was a total turned off, visually.  The whole dish was black... blacker than black! If you refer to the photo on their website, the dish is looks much appealing.  

According to the website, it is made with rich and briny squid ink with a faint hint of white wine, complete with fresh seafood of mussels, scallops, prawns, half a crayfish and squid.  Despite it's appearance, DinoBoy enjoyed the dish but commented that it is slightly salty.  I would have chuck the whole dish aside, refusing to touch it if I am the one eating it.  

The portion of the pasta is good enough to give an adult a satisfying meal without the need to have any side dishes.

There wasn't anything to rave about the sides of 6pcs mozzarella cheese sticks @ SGD14.30 and 6pcs crispy chicken wings @ SGD13.90because they arrived cold, not even lukewarm.  Definitely overprices for 6 pieces of cheese sticks.

When I ordered the cheese sticks I had already envisioned the usual cheese sticks I get from other restaurants, I was hoping this will be different.  Sadly, it turned out to be the same, they tasted like the frozen type that was sold in the supermarket.  It came cold so the cheese inside has solidified and the overall texture does not taste good.

The chicken wings still have the crispy crunch skin but it would taste so much better if it is hot.  They were not as juicy as I would thought they would be too.

Our Conclusion
Pizza Delivery SG claims over at their website that their wood-fired brick oven together with their secret sauce, handmade pizza dough freshly made daily in batches, air flown premium Southern Italian cheese and their Italy trained head chef with a decade of experience his belt allows them to serve authentic Italian pizza.

We stay fiercely true to the Italian traditions - Pizza Delivery SG
I wouldn't know how authentic Italian pizza should taste but I love their pizza for its texture, since one of the pizza was slightly salty, it took away some points. 

I have always prefer cream base pasta over tomato or aglio olio but none that I tasted prior in restaurants was able to satisfy me and usually makes me nausea half way through it.  Pizza Delivery SG Alfredo sauce is smooth and light that goes easy on the stomach.  For our Chicken Alfredo spaghetti, the amount of the sauce was just nice to coat the spaghetti and ingredient, leaving it a little bit wet so that the dish is not too dry when we eat it.

Having stated that they have 6 kitchens strategically located around Singapore it makes me wonder why our food arrived cold.  Ok, pizza was delivered about 8 minutes late (Yes, I keep track of the time), the delivery lady claimed that traffic was bad.  Would a traffic jam makes food cold?  Of course it would if its a bad 30min jam, but wouldn't they have this thermal bags that keeps food warm during delivery transition?

If you are wondering if they would honour their Late Delivery compensation should your order was not delivered within your selected 1-hour time slot, the answer is YES!   Take note that this is not their usual SGD10 discount voucher stated in their website, I am not sure why the difference and I didn't ask their PR company too. So do note that their compensation is only SGD10 discount voucher.

And yes, we will be having pizza for dinner tonight!  We are going to try different pizza and pasta, stay tuned for our review in our social media over at our facebook page and Instagram.

Pizza Delivery:

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Best in Singapore:

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Disclaimer : We received SGD80 Pizza Delivery SG store credits for partial payment of the food while we paid for the difference, solely for the purpose of reviewing and this post. No other compensation was received. All opinions are based on our food tasting of Pizza Delivery SG. All photos in this post belongs to The DinoFamily, you may not use them without asking for our permission.


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