Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Feeling Better

Little DinoEgg is recovering fm his flu n cough. Ytd when i see him at home, he was not sniffling or coughing so frequently, only occasional cough once or twice. Thats good!! However dunno wat happened he suddenly screamed very loud follow by crying sometime ard 3am. Wonder is it coz he was having nightmare?

As he manages to fall back to sleep at ard 4am, he was still zzz soundly when i woke up at 6am. However shortly after he is awake n playing with himself on the bed. I think his biological clock wakes him up at the same time dispite the fact tt he does not have long hours of good sleep. Anyway i left him alone since he is not crying, happily playing with himself. I walked out the room he was lying down, when i went in a min later he was on his tum tum. Trying to figure out how to move or how to flip back onto his back. I din talk to him as scared he cry n want me to carry him. I continue with getting myself ready for work.

Who knows after a while, Little DinoEgg was crying, those kind of "come n carry me NOW" cry. I ignore coz was busy doing something plus its still not tt urgent. When i went into the room, saw him lying flat with his left arm behind him. Guess he was feeling kinda bored coz no one came to him dispite his cries, he lie face down, bored face n still do the "eh.. eh..." sound. He lifted up his head to look at me when i walked in n immediately perks up n goes "wahha... wwhhhaaaa..." *faintz* This cheeky fella, really know how to react n pretend in front of us.

Oh n ytd Daniel told me tt he thot Little DinoEgg was sleeping soundly in the sarong as he din twitch or make noise, but when he got up to peep at him, n guess wat? Little DinoEgg was actually lying very still but WITH HIS EYES OPENED, and the min he saw Daniel's face he quickly shut them n pretend to be sleeping. OMG!!! where did he learn that from????

Well, see him getting nottier n nottier everyday, trying to outsmart us n the granny. I can foresee he will be a handful when he grows up.
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