Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It Was a Good Day!

A few good things happened ytd :)
First & foremost, I FINALLY FINISHED THE WORK TT I TOOK FM AUNTIE CAROLE!!!! It looks easy but when u actually do it, its quite tough, time consuming too, on top of tt i have to try to recognise of their handwrittings. Some can write till i really have no idea wat tt word is lor *faintz* Since 23 Feb i've been working on this till ard 1-2am, then i go or-orrr. However could not sleep long coz DinoEgg sick n kept waking up. Even though Daniel is taking care of him, i woke up when i hear his cries, mother instinct? Actually come to think of it, its really tough work for $X but then its better den nothing ya? Hope Auntie Carole can pass me some more work in near future *keeping fingers crossed*

Secondly, after hearing dear old sis complained abt how she lost her job for a stupid reason as "does not have Mac lappie", ytd she sms me n told me she managed to land a 1 mth job assignment! Congrats SISTA!! At least now she have income n will not be rotting at home *oooppss!* And hor perhaps she will have the extra $ to either repair n upgrade her old old old Mac pc or invest in a Mac lappie. Oh n perhaps buy a new printer too hahaha~

Thirdly, Eunice called and told me she is finally preggy!! WOAH YEAH!!! We chatted for a while n she said she's been really trying for the pass 6 mths, every month keep track of her ovalation cycle, temp etc. She is currently 5 weeks preggy n next week going to see gynae @ TMC. hehehe~ another TMC baby on the way~ However i was thinking, she may have been trying to concieve for more the 6mths. Coz when i was in my 1st tri on Dec 06, she was already asking me abt the signs n symtoms of knowing if u r preg etc. Told me they are trying to have one wor~ so in fact she TTC for errmm... *counting fingers* 14 months!! And hor.... occasionally i will sms her asking "how any good news??" always come back -ve. i sms her again 2 weeks ago n received no reply, thot she is overseas. Ytd she said she changed her SIM card so dunno who, how come ask this sort of Q n was actually quite irritated. Uh-oh!! Sorry lah Eunice, i din know i have been a nuisance to u ~>.<~ Anyway, now another baby arrival to look forward to! Fourthly, Eunice said Anna found a job! Wow!! Finally!!! Thats good, no wonder din see her in multiply or any where else. I must 1 day sms her n ask her wats happening n perhaps meet up at Uncle Raymond's shop. Lastly, i sent out Little DinoEgg's photo to participate for the Baby Idol Contest, dunno whether he will be selected or not, keeping my fingers crossed. This is the 1st time i am entering him for such contest so abit kan cheong...... Happy Happy Happy!!!

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