Friday, March 2, 2007

Finally He Pooped

Its 3rd day since Little DinoEgg last poo, its starting to worry me. Ytd gave him alot of pear pureen hoping to help him poo but still no sight of it. Just now after work went to buy prune jucice to feed him later tonite. When i went to mum's place the 1st Q i asked her is "have he poo?" She say NO. *Red Alert*

We had our dinner and was sitting on the sofa with Little DinoEgg lying in between us, after a while told mum we wanna go home. Just as i finished saying that, Little DinoEgg, make the "I'm poo-ing face" with the "mm-mm" sound. Both me n mum is so excited n relieve. We bend down n look at him, do the "mm-mm" sound. He was trying to do his business but was looking left n right; looking at me n mum, trying to figure out wat are we doing n y are we staring at him making farnie noises. Hahaha~ his facial expressions r so cute~

Anyway, he poop little, not enuf to justify for the 3 days of milk& cereal he has eaten. Well, tmr's another day to make sure he poop. I think must let him have prune juice occasionally lest he decided to "closed up" again.
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