Friday, February 16, 2007

Rice Cereal

Ytd morning bought a pack of Heinz rice cereal to mum's place, asked him to feed boy 1 teaspoon of it. When i was there at night for dinner n pick DinoEgg up, mum was telling me tt he seems like doesn't like the cereal. She fed him n he frowned after tasting tt cereal. Told mum its the 1st time we are giving him so maybe he is not used to it.

Went home n decided to feed him cereal again 1/2 an hour before his milk. DinoEgg was curious when he saw the spoon but still open his mouth when i put it near his mouth. When he tasted the cereal, he has got so many expressions flashing across his face all at the same time!! HAHAHA~!! But after tt he couldn't wait for me to feed him the next bit of cereal, he actually leaned forward to me so tt he can get near to tt spoon. He even try to snatch the bowl fm me -_-"
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