Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Happy Happy!!!!

Today i wore my old brown pants n for the 1st time from Dec 2006, i actually can button it hahaha~!!! So happy!! Means i managed to shed off some fat YAHHOOO!!! But still have a long way to go coz even thou can button its still abit tight. Is wishing to get back my pre-pregnancy figure too much??

Ah Zheng finally sleep, did not finish his last feed, made 180ml n only drink 40ml then starts crying n making noise. Even the Maple Tree oso fails to calm him. In the end i have to take away the bottle n give him the pacifier. He quietens down instantly, grab his bolster, rub abit eyes n close his eyes n went into slumber. This little nottie fella, have already torture us for 2 days, making us losing our precious sleep. I even dozed off on the MRT train ride to work, see how tired I am.

Tmr is eve of the CNY eve, have to wrk full day. Vincent said CEO is a Christian so he does not "believe" in letting staffs go off early. But ofc will shut down for a week during X'mas at the staff's annual leave. hhrrmmpphhh... guess i'll have to rush back mum's place fm work to fetch Ah Zheng then go home n have reunion dinner with PILs.

I still did not managed to find a pants tt will suit my lower body. Wonder when will I able to find one tt fits at the waist line n at the hips. Its so depressing, not able to find clothes tt fit u, worst when u see something u like but cannot buy coz it doesn't fit u.

Today Daniel stayed at home to clean the whole house as the idiots on the 4th floor have finished hacking the floors. So inconsiderate! CNY just round the corner, everyones busy doing spring cleaning n here he is, decided to do reno and send all the dust n dirt into other pple's house! Too bad i can't help Daniel clean the house, by time i reach home fm mum's place i m dead tired. Imagine waking up @ 530am n sleeping between 12am-1am, super duper not enuf sleep. Daniel even better, can sleep fm 2-3am n wake up at 6-7am, on top of tt still feels so fresh!

Well, today has ended, tomorrow's another day of work, hopefully over the weekend i can get a good rest; at least a stretch of undisturbed sleep, then i will have energy to work.

Wow~ next Tuesday we are going to Adeline's house! So excited!

Ok i go zzz le... nitez!

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