Friday, March 9, 2007

My 1st Fall ~>.<~ 08 March 2007 ard 930pm

Ytd nite Little DinoEgg had his 1st fall from the bed :( Daniel put him on the bed to play while he went to the toilet to get his sponge bath water ready; I was in the living room watching tv. He was out for a min or so, when he was getting ready to go back to the room with the tub of water, we heard Little DinoEgg cry follow by SCREAAMMINNNGGGG~~ so loudly. We rushed to the room n saw him on the floor, tummy down.

OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! So poor thing!! He got a bump on his right forehead. Think he was flipping n turning around on the bed n managed to fall off it. Lucky the bed is not as high as our bed *phew* We checked him all over, no fractures, no scratches, no bleeding, no nothing except for the bump on the head. I immediately put the ever-so-good Metho something something on his forehead, it hurts like hell coz he was screaming. Daniel put an egg to cook n later used the hard boiled egg to rub rub his bump.

After a while he was sleeping peacefully *phew* and ard 11pm, we gave him milk n he was able to finish 160ml before he dozes off to sleep again.

This morning, Little DinoEgg was up n active ard 7am, kicking n making noise, trying to get our attention. I went to peek at him, bump looks ok, he looks ok, so now I feel my heart a little lighter.

Well, no more leaving him alone even for a sec any more!
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