Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sit Down & Eat Your Food!!!

Today went to a forumer's house to pick up a feeding chair which she is kind enough to give it to me FOC. Thanks alot Sally!!! Except for some scratches (which are normal), the chair is in good condition.

That evening let Little DinoEgg sit on it and eat his cereal. Initally we took the tray away, thinking its easier to feed him. Who knows this nottie boy keep leaning forward, trying to stand up or grab the bowl. For 5 mins or so we have to fight with him; pushing him back into the seat n trying to put the cereal into his mouth. GOSH!! Finally we decided to put the tray back, at least he wun be able to lean forward. WRONG again! Instead, he lean down n "kiss" the tray and chew the edge of the tray. Got so fed up, we gave him the toy keys to play with.

At last... after 15-20mins, we are able to feed him peacefully, with the occasion head turning here n there n taking out the toy keys from his mouth so tt food can go in.

He seems happy to sit on the feeding chair, perhaps he realized tt finally he can sit up unsupported n not wobble left n right or fall down.
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