Saturday, April 28, 2007

BYE-BYE baby Goodbye~

Cannot remember when did we start teaching Little DinoEgg to wave, but he picked it up very fast. Sometimes he will do the waving action when he is playing with his toys or lying in his sarong.

After that we teach him to wave Bye-Bye to pple. As usual, whenever we leave a place or part with pple, we will say "bye-bye" then take his hands n wave at that person. Well it was not successful initially as he still does not know what this action means. Slowly but surely he is learning.

Every morning I will make him (means i take his hands n wave) wave Bye-Bye to his dear-old-dad (who is most of the time still sleepy), then in the night will make him wave Bye-Bye to his Grandma. Gradually as time passes, I noticed tt most of the time he will only wave to Grandma on his own AND that is sometimes only. He will not wave to anyone else, not even his dear-old-dad.

Well glad to say tt he has shown improvement in the Bye-Bye "job", he can wave to Grandma almost every night when we leave her house for home. BUT he still wun wave to dear-old-dad haha! Then yesterday when we reached home and was about to alight the cab, Uncle say bye bye to him, so as usual I will say to Little DinoEgg "wave Bye-Bye to uncle lah, how u wave? Bye-Bye" AND surprisingly he actually waved whhoooooo-hhoooo-hooo~ Thats a great improvement, at least he is responding to the Bye-Bye request hehehe~

Lets see when he will do it to his dear-old-dad :P
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