Saturday, April 28, 2007

Bum bum down pls~

So happy today! Little DinoEgg know how to come down fm the sofa bum-bum down 1st!

We were getting ready to go to Ryan's baby shower this afternoon, put Little DinoEgg on the sofa while i get ready the sling. As usual, he cries when i put him on the sofa, then from sitting position he'll slide down to be lying down. I was standing at the sofa, anticipating his stunt, lest he decided to roll down the sofa. He wriggle n flip on his tummy then continue to wriggle wriggle till his feet are over the sofa. After tt he simply just gave himself a small push n slide down the sofa n landed on his feet, in between me n the sofa. Then he looked up at me n gave me this wide big grin as if telling me "hey look mum! I know how to come down the sofa!"

Gosh, i only taught him this bum-bum down technique once, JUST ONCE a few days ago, and he can remember. So proud of him!!

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